Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sage is astringent

Tonight the cuter half made soup.
Usually the soup he makes is a community effort. We all dump something in it even if we don't cook much (meaning me). Tonight the cute one was following a recipe. The recipe LOOKED good, it sounded good. IT tasted God-awful terrible.
No it tasted worse than that.

It was so bad there was debate if we should pitch the whole thing or just add something. We finally decided to pitch the broth and start over.

If you think about it. Leaving out an ingredient in this recipe is a good idea. Leaving out the sage would have saved us a TON of time and trouble. But we one follows a recipe you think you have to do it all one way.

Here is the correlation.
Most people think that kids on the spectrum should be handled all one way.
I know someone who says that because her kid on the spectrum lies, they all do. She also says because hers runs around in the stores and spins with a bag on his head they all do.

They don't.

Not following what the first doctor told us ("Take your son to a home and leave him there and forget you had him.") was a life altering decision.
It means we are sceptical.
It means we will ask the harder questions.
It means we work harder than most people to train up the boy to be able to work things out on his own.
It means we are tough.
It means we hide behind the toughness and we get hurt easily.

It also means that you can't snow us very easily and we are not going to follow someones orders blindly like lemmings going to the sea.

Maybe if more people "Took the sage out" they might be in a different place. I know allegory is not spoken by you....what i mean is if your gut thinks that your doc is diagnosing your kid incorrectly you have to speak up. I did.
In fact, when the doc told me to bring the boy back the next month I laughed at her. I then told her the following, "You are funny. Do you realize that you have a waiting list that is 6 months out? You are 2-4 hours behind on all of your appointments? I take a day off work just to come here. I will go out to your receptionist, tell her that you want to see us next month, she will shout at me that it isn't possible and I will have to take what I can get, which won't be next month." I then went into peals of laughter.

I don't think anyone had ever laughed at her before.

This doc made me rethink how I do a lot of things. I will listen to my body, I will listen when the boy tells me he feels lousy and why that is the case. I will tell my doc what I think and why I do. It is rare that my docs will argue with me and they know I pay attention to my "warning signs".
ON that note, the boy is only ill when he is so sick he doesn't argue about going to bed....and sleeping. His ability to fight even when sick is notorious. Several weeks ago he was so sick he was barely upright. I am RELIEVED that the cuter half and I didn't catch it. This kid was in bed for several days, tossing up and from what I heard did the projectile vomit thing in 3 rooms if you count the hallway. As his pediatrician says, "Sometimes it is better out than in."
Being sick with a viral is not the same as an incorrect diagnosis.

There is something to be said for what the doc told  us regarding the very first diagnosis; if we were completely self absorbed we might have paid attention to her. Sometimes I wonder if we should have. But then I realize that the doc was the shortsighted one. I really believe that she was either completely behind the times, or maybe just worn out. After my episode of laughing at her she retired very abruptly. She cut back her practice to one day a week, if that, and no....we didn't follow her. We wisely went elsewhere.

Maybe the doc we first should have cut back on the sage in her diet. Making a change could have done wonders for her patients that she misdiagnosed and for those of us who, in the end decided that she didn't know what the heck she was talking about.

Sounds to me like doc #1 needed to read the Julia Child book about French Cooking. It might have taught her a lot.

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  1. Although, too much sage will curb your appetite for anything matter what you definitely won't be hungry.


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