Saturday, March 24, 2012


I don't know if I am really sick or just allergy sick. In the past I have gotten allergy symptoms and sinus infections all at the same time. So with my head exploding and the green stuff....well lets say I am up for Mother of the Year.
Not really.
My stuffy head means I am a little bit out of sorts- that's a lie. I am the WORST patient that ever walked.
I hate being fussed over and I much prefer to be left alone to suffer through my agony. The refrain is "Get out of my way." or "Go someplace and leave me be."

For example, the other evening, I threw my back out cleaning/scrubbing the shower door and bathtub. I am certain that the cuter half does an adequate job cleaning the bathroom- me getting on my hands and knees = back out = I'm out of commission for at least a week. I did. Igot up, pinched a nerve, threw out my back and whammo there I am with an allergy head and a backbrace to boot. I am up for nothing but I still go into work to move my desk away from the "Bahama Breezes" that BLOWon my head all the time and have assisted in my illnesses at least as long as I have been there.

I came home, crashed out and thought I was doomed to an early demise with the pain in my back. If cute one had listened to me and used the massage oil stuff I had bought years ago for his bad back and used it instead of the BenGay wanna be....well the brace would have been gone that morning. So instead the brace is gone this morning....although I am still least I am not walking like Granny Clampett.

In my ultimate wisdom, I decide to chill out the entire day. I was in my jammies and not up to moving about although the cute one wants to take me out to dinner to yet another closing restaurant....

This time it is Hoolihans. If you have ever been to one, it is consistantly good. Food is pretty average but they are very good at what they do have on the menu. We have had a lot of life things happen at this restaurant. We celebrated the cuter half''s store change with my parents, and my cousin....we went to ice sculpture shows with my Mom, we went there to celebrate the boy's good grades and if we wanted a treat. This was all before gas was up to $50.00 a tank (change is good, yes?), and the boy was still eating off the kiddy menu with the free ice cream that he didn't like.
Anyway cute one and I went out for a last dinner at a place that we liked and have had many family parties and meet ups there.
There were many nights where we went there because it was near a doc's office or we were up there shopping or it was easy. Now we are limited again to what we can find, locally or what can be made at home.....eating out with gas at $50.00 a tank is not a regular option for those on a budget.

We haven't told the boy yet.
He will be crushed. We did bring home some boursin stuffed mushrooms....and horseradish sauce.

Like with most changing situations we know the boy will blame this restuarant closing on the current president. IT isn't the current president's fault, as we have explained to the boy.....the president made promises he didn't know he couldn't keep (everything to everyone all the time). When you don't have all the information and you make a pie crust promise (easily made, easily broken)...well it is something that makes it hard on everyone in the long run.

Kind of like other life changes, about buying out house, when we really need a bigger one....not going for a house we know we could have lived in but would need a TON of work so we didn't even make an offer (my parent's old home). Then wondering if we did the right thing and then thinking that we are where we are for a reason and we have to keep things going no matter what. Although we are pretty worn out, the house is small and the yard is great but now that it is 3 adults living here it is a lot different than it was when we bought....

We constantly wonder if the boy is going to be able to work at a decent wage...what he is going to be able to do as an adult and if he keeps up with getting C's because someone at school told him he was average and doesn't have to try harder (get your head out of your butt please and SHUT UP). Because the boy has Aspergers that means he has to try harder. WE don't need morons telling him that average is acceptable. At this rate, with his crap grades he won't even get into college.

I need another Tylenol....maybe that will help me sleep tonight.
Change is good....I still resent some of the changes that have been forced on me. Although in the long run it might have been a good thing- tonight I am questioning the "Why's and Wherefore's" of such changes.....

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