Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cess pool of emotions

I like this title.
I think that many times people are a cess pool of emotions when they decide that they know more than the parents do about their disabled kids.
the boy has been endeavoring to NOT be overtly emotional. He has been working hard at growing up and although the responsibility he is considering scares me a bit....well I know that he can handle whatever happens after he has been trained up a bit more.
I've been reading about people cutting drama out of their lives. Many of my friends have done it....many have cut us because they beleive that we are too dramatic (that's sad, we are boring). But over all we have been in a good place since removing the problems. It has been a relief over all.

The boy has to learn the same thing. Cutting the drama, for himself and not tolerating it if it affects him in others. I am hoping to get him into a new group of drama free people. I think we have....and that is a good thing. Although I know he is lonely, he wishes for many things....I don't know if it will happen but we try to do the best we can to help him.

I think that drama, well, the people doing it are really unhappy in their own lives. They think something is missing....or they hope something will be found....or maybe it is an emotional/spiritual hole that isn't easily filled.

Although I am not the poster child for perfection of religion. I am not able to reel off Bible verses by the score....I do know that if I didn't have the faith that I have I would have cracked up after the first doc visit when we were told the boy was not salvagable. Which leads into Bible stories, we all have our favorites.....

My favorite story of the woman giving her last denari is one I can relate to on many levels. She had nothing left but gave what she could and what she had, we do the same thing....we give....and our giving is a little different. Ours is more, well, social. We are making the boy not be a drain on society....he will be a useful and functional person and as I joke, not living in our basement with his video games.

getting back to the cess pool of is all relative really. Maybe things aren't so bad. Maybe we should all be happy with what we have....and maybe that empty spot in our hearts needs filled with the love we have for our Aspie kids and how to fill up the space....

Loving the boy the way the cuter half and I do.....well there is nothing like it. We don't need the drama or the cess pool...

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