Friday, March 2, 2012

Breaking stuff

As the boy gets older he has been breaking stuff.

First it was the screen door in the back of the house, then the screen door in the front. Last night it was a bar on his Ikea dresser that he had yanked off and broke. He claims on accident but if he had used the brains God gave him he would have looked else where for a t-shirt.I went thru the T-shirts and got rid of a few and told him he was going to have to deal with less.

He wasn't happy.

After this experience the cuter half and I were discussing the waste of money. He doesn't need new clothes, although we do regularly buy him jeans because he is getting so tall. He has to be responsible with his physical environment and that isn't happening.

In the past we have charged him, made him pay, for broken things in the home. When he slammed the car door so hard he broke the window he had to pay the $250.00 bill himself and in increments. When he lost his jacket, same thing he had to go out and buy a new one.

We constantly hear how "cheap" we are. From him. And from other people. Honestly I am sick of it. We are cheap and if he and others realized WHAT the economy was they would get their heads out of their butts and realize that they aren't helping by throwing money away. We are living UNDER our means by choice. Both of us have had MAJOR career changes and we are sort of fixed now but it is by NO MEANS permanent. If you haven't heard, the job market is full of temps, consultants and others that don't cost as much and are more easily replaceable than a permanent employee. It is what it is and we either bend and do the temp, or consultant work or let work break one in half.

Last night I was sitting on the boy's bedroom floor fixing a dresser. It is NOT well fixed by any means. It certainly isn't the quality of the armour my grandfather made in the same bedroom. This dresser is repaired but it is not a permanent fix. IT might not be seen as a PERMANENT piece of furniture: for us it IS a permanent piece of furniture- we can't go out and buy new. Certainly the "Quality" of what we would want....well you aren't going to get that in the current retail market the way it is.

We can't go out and buy him a new dresser. We can't afford it. But we can make him buy his own. Whether at Ikea or someplace else.

The boy is going to LOVE that. Hopefully he will learn that pulling and dragging on things/furniture, and slamming car doors is not an effective way to make your point.

He did this because he was p'od that we were out and he had to stay home and do homework. Oh well. Live and learn dude.

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