Monday, March 19, 2012

Gen nights make me weary.

We were at a gen thing several nights ago.

Mostly those nights just make me tired.

That night I was not going out of my way to say "HI" to people who could really care less if we are there or not. This particular night I was too tired to point really, as we are the parents of "that kid". Making an effort was just more than I could bear....and yes us happy, stupid special ed parents get tired....of a lot of things.

We go to these things be supportive of the community we are in and the programs that they have; fortunately the people doing the program are willing to let an Aspie participate. For what that is worth, the boy may not be able to participate much (sensory overload). He has been in the same sports since 6th grade and for a kid like him it is a big deal to be able to do it at all. Most gen people don't get how HARD it is for the boy to be doing this (mentally and physically). In fact, one parent made a comment to me about how the boy "talked" while doing the sport....Ilooked at her in amazement and responded, "Do you realize HOW HARD this is for the boy to be out there doing this night after night? Have any of you any comprehension the aversion to contact, the smells, the sounds everything is abhorant to him? Yet he comes, does his best and has minimal support from his teammates?" Remembering that conversation kind of put in into the mood I was in that night; I was there but not because I really had an overwhelming desire to be.....

So, on a regular night when I am not tired, and not mentally exhausted; I could have faked a smile and a bubble laugh and gone on with my usual charade. Just not able to pull it off the other has to be horomones or a full moon. Or that I am tired. Just tired of forcing, pushing and shoving the boy into something that I have told him he only has to do for one more year (he might miss it though we will have to see).

Then he has to join a gym and work out with us. We will see how well THAT goes.

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