Monday, March 26, 2012

Giving more than

"Never give anyone more than they are emotionally capable of receiving, or they will have no choice but to hate you for it."

I wonder how many times we give more than we can receive. Or is it that we receive and don't know what the heck to do with it or do about it and if we blow it we feel bad but we learn nothing from the gifts themselves as they aren't really gifts. They are on exteneded loan....or at least I know one person who appears to think that way.

It amazes me that there are people who think that a parent like me is completely void of sense or reality. They think we are capable of dropping everything and running off and doing whatever they behest and we shouldn't trouble ourselves with the immediate but only do was the tell  us to do in order to keep the peace.

I am not so interested in keeping the peace or giving MORE than someone can handle- at least right now.

The cuter half and Iare loyal , fierce friends. We are willing to help anyone, do anything to help as much as we can but in order to preserve our sanity and people who have taken gross advantage we have toughened up, and learnt to say, "No". The sad thing is there are times Iwould have said, "Yes, OK." but becuase of past issues the auto response kicks in and the answer is "No".

I believe though that some people are disappointed in us.Why? well because we are trying to preserve what is left of our sanity.

What we live with, and how we live is AMAZINGLYstressful. We are under a constant strain. It is hard to keep the house as clean as we would like to....there are things that get missed. There is a kitty that likes to get into the towels and make messes....there is a life that we live with the boy. You know what? This ain't no Taj Mahal but it is a house that has a lot of happiness and love in it.

The boy will graduate soon....yeah we have a year or so but let me tell you, for us, that is SOON. I worry about it. I don't sleep at night.

The boy has a long way to go to prepare for this future stuff and maybe it will be so bright we have to wear shades but for right now, today we have to wonder if he will be able to drive himself where ever he needs to go and how will he exist and what will he do.....

The questions are harder than you will ever have to ask, unless, like us you just don't know...and although like Dr Sueuss the boy is "Brainy and Footsy..." it is still darn scary out there. I was happy to get out of HS, myself, but now, this time, I am scared. I am afraid for my son....

and whether you agree with me or not. That is a damn scary place to be. We have to think more, think harder and do more than most parents. How does one plan ofr it all and be ready for none of it?
Have you ever thought of all that we need to do?

God how lucky for you. YOU don't have to..... as for the rest of us.... we have to get our kids ready....and many times we don't know what to prep them for.....just be ready for the world out there because the world isn't changing for have to be ready to greet it, hang on with both hands and ride. THis is what we have to get the boy ready for....and anyone who is going to take adavantage of him, be mean to him, make fun of him....he has to be be ready.

Life changes so fast....blink and it may be over.

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