Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bert is in charge.

For those of you who don't know who Bert is....he is a royal tabby cat.This regal being came into our lives a number of years ago and has regaled  us with what we call "Berticus Tales".
Bert, or Bertram, is a kitty from the Buddy Foundation. We adopted Bert when the cuter half and I decided that we had enough stuff and a new house member would be nice.
Bert decides who goes where. Bert tells me when to get up, when it is breakfast and where the other kitties are in the house.
Bert is the chief felion. Trouble comes next. Trouble is big eyed and very curious, hence the name. Trouble jumps on the counter and broke ALL the wine glasses. He also got into the boy's meds, and had to go to the vet for the day and be observed.....Trouble is a BIG boy and purrs a lot. Then there is little Garfield (named after the President, not the comic cat). Garfy is a little demon spawn. Cutest little face ever but what a mischief. Always doing things to get more attention.

Each of  these little charmers have their own personality.

Just like each Aspie has their own personality. EACH kid is a little different and things are done a little different each time.

Several months ago someone asked me (again) if there was a "list of services" for the local school district.This is a common lament. Completely UN-doable. Parents wanting a "list" of this nature are expecting the schools to limit themselves ONLY to that list. If someone needed something different it may not be available. Ergo, no such list exists or would be appropriate to expect or ask for.

I told them no that they would not get a "list"but they should look at what would be appropriate for their student and check out the school. You go to your school in YOUR neigborhood. there is no need to  tour EVERYschool in the district and pick one. That only makes your kid look a little out of sorts in the neighborhood. We had a different situation here but we moved from one side of town to the other and intially our son was at his grandparents after school every it made sense for him to spend the last few months at his regular school than to make a major change to a different place and start all over.

Demanding a different school doesn't make sense live in the neighborhood, why would you go to a school in a different town on the other side of that town? No purpose really. Programing, and services are all the same....maybe class changes are different....or bell schedules. But really putting the kids in a place where they are going to be different than most of the kids in the neighborhood doesn't make a lot of sense.

Like with the different personalities of our cats, each school has their own personality. Location, may have something to do with it....History may have more to do with it....then test scores and a whole bunch of other stuff. Like with my cats, each personality has it's own way of doing things. Each of us believes our way is best....kind of liks school spirit.

However, for kids like ours, it is best for them to learn to be flexible, learn the gray areas and learn that life is like a kitty cat......each kitty cat has their own way of stepping into the litter box. There is NO "I can't because of my Aspergers." (the boy gets in BIG trouble for that one) "I am a cartoon geek." Well, the reason no one calls is because this is all you talk about. YOUused to be interesting, liking Frank Lloyd Wright, Abe Lincoln, Art, Music and books. Now it is all cartoon crap all the time- which means that you are GROUNDED from any and all cartoons until I say otherwise. The other statement, "I am a computer geek." - I admit it, I did sniff at that one.The boy is ONLY a computer geek when he knows MORE about the computer than I do and so far I got him beat hands down on that one.

There are some who don't appreciate what I write or how I write about things. One in particular thinks I am a horrible person (if only they knew what I think of them). I don't write to make other people happy, I write the real part of life. If that means I am comparing the boy to a puppy....or our kitties....well yes I am. The boy's personality is DIFFERENT than most other Aspies. IF you were to look at the boy, he carries himself differently....He is active, he is busy, and he has many different ideas. Right now he is stagnating with this cartoon crap.....and I did tell him he is cut off until he starts talking about different things (anything will do- not being fussy). One more coment about which Marvel super hero is better and I am going to turn his bedroom into an aquarium for Aquaman (my fav, he could talk to dolphins using sonar) A newer topic is about Modern Plays from the 1930-1940's.....lets see if he can keep that up.

Getting stuck on topics is kind of like Trouble being with his favorite mousie, until he looses it. Trouble's mousie came from IKEA and Trouble played with it ALL THE TIME. One day Trouble mis-laid his favorite mousie and I found it today.....Trouble had replaced it with his carrot....then a fishy toy from a he is back to his mousie again. Kind of like the boy going back to his comfortable topics (cartoons) that are now inappropriate due to his age.

SO going back to the original statement, life with kitty cats is like life with the boy....

(geez get a sense of humor will you- it's funny- watch your pets and you will see it too- unless you are a dormant soul)


  1. I totally see it around here ALL the time. Although in the boy's defense, I know several 40-somethings who could have great conversations with him about comics. And if your favorite super hero is Aquaman, that kind of explains a lot about your aversion to the topic... he is hands-down the worst comic super hero EVER, LOL!

  2. Lori- Yeah, Aquaman is the worst ever....which is probably why I liked him. No one else did so I felt sorry for the character and decided he was my fav. LOL


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