Sunday, January 8, 2012

The _______ soap (Language alert)

The boy refuses to use soap. "I don't like soap, any soap" He stinks like a camel on the Arabian Desert. The boy yells about how we obsess over him stinking but won't shut up long enough to realize that we wouldn't get on his ass if he would use the soap and wash his hair and himself.

I was going to make him wash again but the cuter half told me not to push it....

Why the ___ hell can't this kid use soap? I buy the scents the boy tells me he likes I go out of my way to find the stuff the boy says he wants and he refuses to use the #@*&%^+$ soap.
The boy is too old to have me in the bathroom dumping soap on him while he showers....but I am getting to that point.

Damn it.

After one blanking bleeping phone call from someone the boy turns on the super stupid and is completely incapable of handling anything. It is so frustrating. He doesn't what this person bothering him, he refuses to call or talk to this person, and when this person calls the boy goes back about a million steps and is back to the non-soap using bit that he was at when seeing this person.

Now we have to fight over soap and washing with it.

I am so sick of this crap.

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