Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's 1:45 AM

The cuter half and I hadn't stayed up this late in forever.

We didn't want to....it's finals week and we have to have our game on.

The boy, being the considerate creature that he is "forgot" his required study guides that are part of his final grade for classes. We were up with him SO LATE and we were, less than amused by doing so.

Let me say here and now, we love this kid. We have given up whatever modicum of a life we have had for him. We help him, we pay for his stuff and we work with him to learn about life. Telling us at the eleventh hour that he needs to have 5 study guides done by the next day is a punishable offence.

I got a call today. From a counselor/social worker at school. Naturally it was about how MEAN we are and we don't understand him and we don't love him and we are horrible people. Whatever.
We were up until 1:45 getting him to get the game face on....working our heads off organizing and helping him find answers to a bazillion questions. It really makes one think about what in the _____ they are doing up that early in the AM and NOT after a night of partying.

We were/are annoyed.

Over all Cutie and I don't ask for a lot. We ask the boy to be considerate of our time, your time and anyone who interacts with him time.
It's not much. But it is important.

In life, do you get to stomp all over time? No you don't. We all have to work with time frames of some sort and scheduling and all that. Lately I haven't been able to do the timing thing like I would want to. I have had to multiple reschedule an appointment because the boy hasn't given me appropriate information.

That being said, asking a teen Aspie boy for information is kind of like asking my kitty Garfy to proofread my blog. Totally off the mark and not going to happen. Although, at this point in life I would bet Garfy would do a better job than the boy would....but then again I am extremely tired and a little biased right now.

Anyhow, we are looking at the boy and HOW he is not doing things right. He does rebel/ retaliate. Tonights episode has him busted up one side and down the others. I contacted his coach and asked him WHERE the boy was and why things were running so late the night before finals started. Turns out the boy had been released a while before we heard from him. The boy was being typical and ignoring us. HE was/is in big trouble for messing about.

Oh, and he is grounded. Again....from what we haven't decided yet but it will be worked out after this week....we are thinking of creative ideas.... I am thinking he should be the new "grounds crew" and the chief bottle washer....that would go for about 2 weeks with NO video games, or fun....
You ask what we are punishing him for? For "forgetting" the 5 study guides, and for not leaving on time after practice....Now I am wondering HOW many times he has left late after practice and we are so lame we didn't even know it.....

The funny part is, the boy thinks we are so boring and dumb that we don't do anything at all. If he only knew about the cuter half and I and how much we did....before boy.....Yes we had a life....and we still do it is different now....it is his life. Maybe that is what the gens don't understand; we have a life or were picked for a life that isn't what we wanted to do but it is what it is and the life we are at is the one that involves every level of the boy....

I am so tired.

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