Friday, January 13, 2012

A second bathroom

There are days when I wish we lived in a bigger house.

I dream of a second bathroom. I dream of more space and maybe a room to do art projects or just a space to think a think or write a thought. Not having to fight for space with the e-bay stuff or having Garfy tell me that it is time I was petting him and not trying to keep my sanity by writing.

The boy has a normal teenage tendancy to spend time in the bathroom. I really wouldn't care, but we only have ONE bathroom and it is really getting to the point where we need more than one. The boy has this tendency to spend time in the shower, rarely using soap or washing himself but larking about in the bathroom supposedly taking a shower. I know what he is doing in there, is is called the m-word.

I feel like I am living a dual reality.
Today I was informed that the life I am living is a choice. This was by a person whose son has a learning disability. For those of you who didn't know. I have a learning disability too. Mine was in math and I can read backwards; I was/am terrible at algebra and geometry, the reading backwards is fun when we are out and people are drunk..... I am certain math is all pretty logical, but I never got it. Like Anne of the Island, when the teacher would change the letters in geometry I would get all mixed up and get everything wrong.

Living with a child/young adult with a HANDICAP is different than living with a learning disability. Learning disabilities are just that....and can be worked around- I find excel to be an amazing is all formulas, like in math and I love them. My excel spreadsheets are a wonder to behold- I really GET the formulas and how to make it work. A handicap is NOT a choice.....and we don't get to choose how we live when managing my son's HANDICAP. According to this administrator I make a choice to live the way I do (relative isolation because we don't know many people or our neighbors)....and I was told that she ought to know because her son has a learning disability- apparently, to her, it is all the same thing so those kids who are having problems socially are just choosing too and Temple Grandin has made it all up in an elaborate ruse (she didn't say that but it was implied).


Some of these people really need to think before they open their mouths. I offered to let her come here and she could explain to my son how this is a choice....I need a night or two off anyway and so does the cuter half....she didn't go for it. Chicken. They never do.

To clarify:
the definition of HANDICAP- A condition that markedly restricts a person's ability to function physically, mentally, or socially.
the definition of LEARNING DISABILITY- A condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age.

HMMMM there seems to be quite a difference in the definitions of these terms .

From what I could gather, this person was saying that my son with his lifelong HANDICAP should be at the same level as someone with a learning disability? And I am choosing to live with neighbors that won't talk to me? OK, let's remember the night the boy left here in handcuffs because the cops had to escort him to the ambulance after a meltdown. WOULD you want to talk to the family who had that happen? I certainly wouldn't; it is NO great shock that the neighbors don't come pounding down our door with coffee and cookies.

Because of this adminstrator's comment, I have immediately dismissed this person as someone with power and very little actual knowledge. As I have said before, "With excess money there comes a leakage of common sense. Money seems to drain the common sense right out the window."

There are nights when I should leave the RX tea alone and just go to bed....tonight seems to be one of them.

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