Tuesday, January 10, 2012

blood sugar levels

Here is another topic that can bring out the ire of the average parent.

The boy has decided that eating his sandwiches at lunch time is optional.....this means that by the time he gets home from school we need to take food throw it at him and run until he eats and is more tolerable.

Ultimately, this means that he needs to eat at lunch times. He mentioned that he didn't eat because he doesn't want it to affect his weight

Otherwise he goes into "jerk" mode. And even though I am his Mom....teachers aren't paid enough to put up with him when he is in "jerk" mode. I don't get paid enough to put up with that either. The cuter half even took me to task tonight for getting on the boy's butt for "misplacing" things.

My timing was bad. I should just wait, take a day off and go thru the boy's bedroom when he isn't home. At least we would be able to walk into the room.

All of this reminds me of middle school. There was an initiative to ban treats and not allow kids to eat outside of the cafeteria. This was done with poor planning. There were kids in activities that would be at school ALL day and not have any food until late at night? Ridiculous. The Cuter half and I would joke that we would just have food, not talk and wait until the boy had eaten in the car THEN talk to him when he had gotten home....

Today was a major flashback. Now, to put it out there it is the BOY that has to eat, and do it and not waste time. For 2 days in a row he hasn't touched the sandwich part of his lunch and won't tell us why. Which means that Mr. Cranky-Butt has to get over himself and actually be responsible enough to eat and stop screwing around. The school can't fix the boy, but they can work on the situation and the choice he is making NOT to eat when he should be taking the time to eat.

What does all this mean? It means that the boy HAS to eat during lunch. I don;t care if the kids are running through the hallways screaming (I was gonna say something else....) and there is a fire truck in the door way....tell the boy to EAT even when he says he isn't hungry. SO WHAT? EAT lunch or your Mom is gonna have what she calls a "holy hell-cow fit."

I am getting too tired for all this stuff.....

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