Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trying to decide WHAT to write about

Todays blog is a tough call. I have a number of topics to choose from. One title was called "Puzzle Pieces", another was called "Putting FUN in dsyFUNctional- Mary Englebrieght" the other was "You wanna do WHAT?"

Sadly, none of this relates to Aspergers or autism. This is frustration with people who are supposedly gen but i am starting to believe are completely nutso. In fact, I have washed my hands of them; but that is another blog altogether (the washing hands thing). THis is a blog about making decisions on what to write and how to focus on just one topic.

This has been a week of trying to focus, going on job interviews (Ok just one but still), writing mentally....and trying to figure out how to increase stats on the blog have been part of the process. It isn't like it used to be, pull on the white go-go boots and RUN! Now we have to think about what is relevant, or does this sound harsh....and why don't I care anymore. Have you ever heard KoKo Taylor's song, "I don't care anymore."? there are people who should have it engraved in their brains so that they remember that there are those of us who don't care about or for them anymore.Oddly enough, it was our son who exposed us to KoKo Taylor. He had seen her on a kids comic show or something and he liked this song (this is Doris Duke, I couldn't locate KoKo)

I have figured out that as a parent of a kid on the spectrum I am used to TRYING TOO BLASTED HARD to please people who really don't give a rats butt about others. It is a way of life around here and we work our butts off with training, social skills, homework and having a typical 16 year old. I don't know if I like other people's kids but I do know that there are times I don't like my own....he is 16, I am not supposed to like him when he acts like a dope.

At least he has an excuse. There are other people who don't have an excuse although having one probably wouldn't save their sorry butts no matter what. I am tough on my kid but you know what...he excells and is a good kid with a lot of brains.
Can't say that for a lot of people that is for sure.

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