Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drivers Dred.....

Do you remember Driver's ed? I dredded it.....seriously. My dad was not exactly the one to teach me to drive. As great as he was this was just not his stong point. I had to get out on the road and most of the time he would make me pull over and take over the wheel. I walked (mostly walked, this 'burb didn't have regular public transport until the early 90'S) or  did public transport until my second year in college when my boyfriend taught me to drive. Now I practically live in our car....for years it was drive here go there.....
Truely, if one must learn to drive they need to live in NJ for a year or LEARN to drive there and you can go out anyplace.

Our son is learning to drive. Hopefully he will be a better driver than his mother is....but he is a driver nonetheless; or a potential one. He is nervous about his permit test too.....who wasn't? I remember going and not even studying for it. I just guessed. I am not telling my son that though. He needs to look over the book, take the written test and pass then he can drive a bit. He is taking driver's ed this summer. It is a challenge for him, and he may not be ready for it but he will be able to drive and although I still think he should take it multiple times.....safer on my peace of mind.

There are those who believe Aspies should not drive cars. There are those who believe that there is life on Mars too. Then there are those who are not diagnosed and they are still behind the wheel......even worse. So where does that leave us?
Well, we are of the thought that if our kid is going to live in this society; part of it is learning to drive.

Yesterday, we talked about this experience. We were early for an appointment and decided to walk to a nearby Starbucks (aka Mom's oasis). For the first time, officially, the boy had a tall decaf peppermint mocha with whip. It was his, he asked, and I told him he could try one. He is old enough now to be able to handle having a cup if he wants it.
After he finished it, I informed him that anyone that was able to have coffee, is capable of driving a car. How does this coincide? Well in a gen world it probably doesn't; in our Aspie-land, it makes sense is a weird sort of way. Driving a car is a rite of passage, as is drinking coffee. To our kid, both are grownup things to do....when he was younger, we would hit a Starbucks and I would insist he have organic milk or juice. Ironically, I started drinking coffee when I was 13. It was what was in the house. Mom and I would make up miztures of General Foods coffees and try to guess what we did just for fun.
It is time now for the boy to have his coffee too.