Saturday, March 26, 2011

I thought of something else

Principal: If you give off signals that you don't want to belong, people will make sure that you don't.

Where did this line come from? It was written by John Hughes in Pretty in Pink.
Why is this relevant?
Ok you Aspie Parents out there, you need to think about HOW YOU DRESS YOUR KIDS. Our kids need to look like every other kid in the class. This does NOT mean wearing sweat pants everyday. It means looking around, checking out what the kids are wearing. Safe bets right now are t-shirts, jeans and Nike gym shoes (wilder colors the better). Don't forget the black sweat socks (shorter socks with shorts) and the jeans jackets (older ones are OK but watch the cut for the boys). From what I have seen of the girls add Abercrombie and maybe Express and you should be relatively safe....don't forget the flip flops (found anywhere)
NOW why is this important? I will tell you why.
Our kids have enough of a struggle to get thru the day. NOT looking like the other kids means that they could be targets for teasing or bullying. We have to think about their looks; more likely than not they aren't or if they are, it isn't cool to look like you came out of the advertisement for your favorite shop.
We have specific shops for certain things, Banana Republic, Areopostale, Hollister, Nike, just to name a few. We buy our kid what the other kids are wearing to school. He carries his gym bag, backpack and other stuff just like everyone else does.
FYI - Sweats are for working out at the gym. NOT to wear to class or all day. Look like you walked out of the advertisement makes it look like you are showing off; not cool at all (and much easier on a parents pockebook)
The next time you are at the school, pay attention to what the kids are wearing....start looking at the trends and dress your kid accordingly/
If you dress like you are outside, you will be treated like you are outside,,,,lets bring everyone INSIDE and think about appropriate appearences.
At least for our Aspie's we tell out kid, comfort is fine, at home and in dress a certain way for school, home, working out, church and going out with friends. IT all fits, and now that he is in the habit, it comes naturally to him.
You need to make it a habit too. Trust me on this one OK? I know I am right this time.