Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's been a day

We have ahd a couple of these in a row...nothing bad or awful, just full and busy.
Yesterday was the Sec of State debacle. Did you know that you can't get a driver's permit with out being registered for a class? You have to have the "form from the school" 30 days before you can take your kid, get the permit and life is never the same again.
Being the grossly naive mother that I am, I did it. It was ALL me, truely. My better half and I took the boy to the DMV and had some other business to conduct, but decided to do it all at once. I had papers everywhere....and the geezer at the desk said, "No you can't do that." My next question was, "Why not? He has to have the permit before registering for the class."
make a long story short, we couldn't get the permit....we have to go back. that lovely place, and hope and pray they will cooperate the next time (I have my doubts).
Then we decided to take a mini road trip to the farm to visit the in laws, a sister and just hang out. On the way we hit a store to find clothing for the boy, he out grew a bunch of jeans that Grandma bought him for Christmas.....he is so TALL. how did that happen? He has shorts and pants now to take him thru the summer, we finally were able to locate cargo pants again.....much easier during fishing season to carry the bait around.
While going, we found out what some of the problem is with him lately.... talking in the car happens a lot and it does us all good. AND he found an estate sale with a bunch of out of print board games.

Anyway today we, the better half and I were gone for a conference pretty much all day.
Now for the good stuff.....

we got home, and low and behold, the boy had made 4 sandwiches, "Bobby Flay" style, and did the appropriate subsitutions for things we didn't have......they were good sandwiches too, a blt with cheese and toasted and grilled. VERY TASTY. but the reall thing is that HE DID IT BY HIMSELF. He found everything and pulled it all togehter without any help. HE FIGURED it out and found all the stuff in the kitchen and made everything. When we got in the door he was heating the sandwiches on plates and served them when we sat down to visit. It was amazing....and nice for a change....we even told him that it would be OK to use the toaster oven instead of the microwave and he didn't know that using a grill and the toaster oven would be OK but who the heck cares the KID MADE DINNER!!!

Ze boy, he is grozing up and if I weren't so happy about him making dinner I could cry!!!

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