Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perceptions of the way life used to be....

Actually, I think it is Reflections of the way life used to be...Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Our son's perceptions are a little different. His idea of showing love for example is to walk up to me hang on my neck and then tell me he is worried about me and death. Not his death but mine.
My neck is a mess. I had a massage and after a day of his hanging on my neck I feel like I am choking. I ask him NOT to do this and his response is that I hate him. FYI- I don't hate him but if this overdramatic behavior doesn't stop  I am gonna ground him for merely driving me nuts.
I don't do well with hanging.....I don't like it when he hangs on  me (think waterfall only 160 lbs of weight dragged onto your neck) makes me feel like a piece of meat and well, since I don't like being hung on, the whole meat thing doesn't really work for me. I have been told that since he didn't have a favorite toy when he was little....well he had me. Until I bought him a toy that was something he really wanted (If I tell you WHAT it is he will "Die of embarrassment"); so lets say it was a popular toddler toy. That gained me a reprieve when he was for some reason it (the hanging) has come back again.
The neck hanging is very uncomfortable for me. It does cause me to choke...and he doesn't seem to realize that doing so is not a sign of loving someone it is a sign of abusing them. In that case, what does one do? Well, in our house....he will be grounded from a book or two if he does it again. And he will be paying for my next massage....out of his own money. Normally, making him PAY for something means that the offending activity doesn't happen again.
He is very free with our cash but rather cheap with his own....
At this point I want to clarify; there is a DIFFERENCE between hugging and hanging. I don't mind hugging, but hang on me and I will want to wallop you into the middle of next week. It is really offensive.
Great. I was able to move my neck and now I can't even turn my head.....