Thursday, March 3, 2011

just gonna show up

Have you ever just wanted to show up?
Seriously, go to a party and just plans no worries go and and fun.
That is what we are doing now. We are showing up....kind of a weird planned spontinaety (sp). We went to a rock concert several weeks back. Natually we like different bands, my husband was classic rock, I am totally punker, and the rest we could have done without.

BUT the thing is, we went. And had a good time and had AMAZING burgers at this all nite joint around the corner at midnight. This is what we would have done in college....and loved it. Doing it now makes it more fun than ever.
Even better, finding out that all I have to do is show up at a family party. Just go. No work, no worries, not thinking about the cats or the boy or the is all good.

I wonder how many of our kids on the spectrum can just SHOW there and go with the flow. Maybe that takes practice, or maybe having to be all stressed and planned up is something that makes it worse, DK but I still know what I know and there are times that just showing up is the best thing we can do.
There are several occassions this summer that all I gotta do is show up. Be there or B square. Excellent.

How amazing is that? Show up, say HI and leave. Now to train our son on How to make a fast exit....leave them wanting Gracie Allen. She was a consumate professional and did her job. She retired on top and was the best of the best for years.....even after she died. George never bothered with another woman, why should he, he had Gracie. As he says in his book, "Marry Gracie" Well maybe we should all try to be like Gracie. Seriously, a littel scattered, a litte gracious and immaculate. OK in my dreams.

Gosh this is worse than last night, I went from punk rock to Gracie Allen.

This is our new teaching tool, we are gonna teach the boy how to just show up.....and roll with it