Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The lazies

Did you know that there is a list on Forbes for the 20 laziest countries in the world?
Here's the link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2012/07/18/the-laziest-countries-in-the-world-u-s-not-even-close/

That being said, what do you think the stats are for lazy teenagers?
There is an article that I will link and post here.....as we all need a reminder about HOW to handle lazy teens:
For many frustrated parents, parting the Red Sea might seem more of a possibility than parting the couch from their teenager’s rear end. We have entered into an age where video game controller dexterity and cell phone dialing is about the extent of many teens’ weekly physical exertion. Recent studies have shown that our country is rapidly producing a generation of kids that are overweight and unexercised. Sadly, parents are often to blame for this problem. In an effort to avoid confrontation, or the desire to make their children happy, many parents actually condition their kids to be lazy. A parent’s goal should be to develop a sense of well being within their children by teaching them the importance of being diligent. Let’s look at a few good ideas to help you guide your teenager into becoming a responsible, hardworking adult.

1. Set a limit on video games and television

Let’s face it, video games and television are an indelible part of our youth culture today and teenagers are going to spend a fair amount of time pursuing each. However, by placing a specific time limit on these diversions, you can encourage your teen to spend more time developing their own creativity. Suggest different hobbies or sporting activities and be willing to participate if needed.

2. Give them household chores

Why should parents be the only ones take care of daily tasks at home? Assigning chores is a great way to teach individual responsibility and diligence. Instill a sense of pride by thanking or complimenting your teen when they have done a good job. Let them know the importance of what they do in relation to the family and doing their part to help out. You should also develop a system of consequences for failing to get chores completed.

3. Spend time with your teen

Most teenagers are too cool to hang out with their parents in public, but despite their actions, they do want mom and dad’s attention. Spend time helping with homework, or maybe even taking up the same hobby. Let them know you care about what’s going on in their lives without being harsh or critical. Encourage them to express their thoughts and you’ll find them less likely to hide things from you.

4. Hire your teenager for special jobs

Teenagers always need money and many have the insane idea that they are entitled to a certain portion of mom or dad’s paycheck every week! You can counter this by offering opportunities to complete special projects around the house as a chance to earn spending money. Is there a room that needs painting? How about a garage that needs to be organized? Give specific goals and only pay when the job is done correctly.

The biggest factor in dealing with a lazy teenager is consistency and communication. Make every effort to continually motivate your teen to have a more active lifestyle through encouragement and support. Do not, under any circumstance, reward or ignore slothful behavior. Parenting is an extremely hard job and only becomes more difficult by failing to instill diligence and developing strong character in our teens. Let your kids know that fun and pleasure come as a result of a good, honest work ethic.

Good God. Isn't that a pretty article?
I think the author should come here to our place...fight with the boy about doing the damn homework and then listen to him scream about how we are inadequate as parents and horrible human beings.

He was a jerk the other night to someone he thinks is his best friend. I am sad to think that it is unlikely she will come here any more. I certainly couldn't blame her for not wanting to be around him. He is a jerk. He is rude and disrespectful to his parents.....my Mother even pointed that one out and she adores this kid. Anyway, the boy and his friend got into an argument; she doesn't have to put up with this.....I don't blame her a bit for blowing him off and not returning his texts. I would probably block his number if it were me.
Kind of like his therapist told the boy tonight, he (the therapist) didn't like the boy very much when he is kicking, hitting and spitting at the cute one and I. That really is OK. When the boy acts like that we don't like him either.  Oddly enough the therapist pointed out that the love thing is still there. The boy is our kid and we love him....but right now we don't like him very much.

So the verdict? Tonight, and for now we are at a crossroads. Schools lock these kids up and most of them end up in group homes. Ours, well for now he is here and doing his homework and studying for an upcoming test.
The fighting and arguing is wearing thin.

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