Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looking in through the out door

Tonight the cuter half and I looked in through the out door.

We went to a fall play with the boy. It was an extra credit project for the boy's lit class.

The boy knew a lot of people.
Said "Hi" to a lot of guys and girls.

All said "Hi" back. In several cases the young ladies in question went and invited guys who were sitting nearby to sit with their group while ignoring the boy. It was intentional....the boy knew it. You could see it in his face. The hope that someone would be nice to him. The reality that ignoring him as a person is a cooler option.

I know, typical teenage girl crap.

But as the cuter half said to me tonight, "No one on the boy's team can ever say he has a lot of friends. He doesn't. The boy has a lot of people who might say Hi to him or just ignore him. They are not his friends."

We saw a lot tonight.....besides a play with a ton of potential that was totally destroyed- the girl that was the lead did the best she could with what she had to work with....poor thing. We were looking forward to the play was really pretty bad.

Outside of the play, tonight gave us some insight on what the boy goes through every day. How he is anonymous. How he is ignored. Kind of like if he weren't there no one would care. Kind of like how he yelled at me the other day telling me that he gets ignored all day at school and will not accept being ignored at home. I didn't understand that before. I get it now.

I cried when I got home tonight, I am crying now while writing this.
How many of our Aspie's are ignored. How many go through the day, like the boy, hoping for a kind word or someone to invite him to join them.

How many go home and yell about it when it doesn't happen? How many hug the cat or the dog knowing that is the most kindness they are going to meet that day until their parents get home.

It is too much to expect people to want to hang out with a kid like the boy. Sadly, only one person has ever wanted to hang out with him.....and he is loyal, reliable and tries hard to be what he should be.

Their loss, not the boy's.
I keep thinking Lee DeWyze....he is sucessful and doing well and you know what? The kids that ignored him in HS are wishing that they hadn't done so now.

Maybe it is wrong, but I keep hoping the boy does so well that those people who did ignore or treat him bad will eat shit and not even be able to say "I knew him when." I know, not even a little vindictive there....maybe a night's sleep and I will get over it.

No, probably not.....

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