Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. Greedy-pants

Today I am introducing a new name on the blog.
Mr. Greedy-pants.

Mr. Greedy-pants is an extremely unpleasent person. Twice in a year he has banged back almost 10 lbs of expensive fine chocolates. This stuff is so good we would buy lots and then save it for special occasions.
Mr. Greedy-pants selfishly ate almost all of it. He snuck the boxes out of the house and we didn't even notice.

Mr. Greedy-pants is telling us that this is all our fault. We are horrible parents, evil people and bad and rotten to the core.
Mr. Greedy-pants is talking about himself.

Mr. Greedy-pants was informed that money borrowed from him would not be paid back, and that he was required to pay the difference in cost to replace the chocolates for gifts. Mr. Greed-pants is kind of a jerk. We are not enthusiastic about having him around and although people tell us that he doesn't act that way in public his behavior at home is not going to be tolerated.

We informed Mr. Greedy-pants that if the self serving behavior and rudness and disrespect doesn't stop the cuter half and I would be making some very hard decisions that will not include Mr. Greedy-pants. He needs to do a better job at not taking everything for himself. These decisions are at a lower point, an upcoming vaction plan to future living arrangements.

Oddly enough, we have heard that this greedy behavior is pretty normal with gen kids. Parents put up with it, I suppose.
We don't.

I know for myself, my parents didn't tolerate greedy behavior. I got grounded, punished or whatever from favored activities because I was being a jerk. Not may people knew about it. The 3 of us never discussed it or bragged to others about my poor behavior. However, I had the sense enough not to eat so much candy that I broke out in hives.

Ergo, Mr. Greedy-pants is likely going to miss out on something because the cuter half and I would not DREAM of inflicting his horrible behavior on the rest of the world.

NOW - to clarify, he doesn't treat others like this- just the cuter half and I. At least that is what we hear.

We are dirt beneath his feet, or at least that is the way it feels. The candy-episodes are merely easy to write about..the rest of it with telling us that we are "poor excuses for parents" not so much.

It is another weekend and the cuter half and I are looking for reasons not to be home. Right now anything will long as we don't have to be here and listen to how lousy we are as parents. No one else needs to tell us this, we hear it all the time at home. Mr. Greedy-pants yells and points his finger at us and makes the message loud and clear.

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