Sunday, October 7, 2012

What happens to the weekends?

this has been a recurring refrain lately. What has happened to our weekends?

For example:
Friday evening: after getting home from work, the boy did all of his homework, the cuter half and I watched Pride and Prejudice then The Duchess (still haven't made it thru the entire movie). I started laundry (OK, laundry in this house is done almost daily- we are either super dirty or really clean). Shop at Tar'get for my mom (aka Princess)
Saturday: Laundry, Tar'get shopping (forgot stuff), putting yard art away, clearing out the excess for the weed whacker on Sunday, Clearing out and reorganizing the office. Getting fall/Halloween decorations out of the attic, recycling faded magazine boxes, tossing stuff we needed to get rid of ages ago. listing stuff and......wait, there is more......
Sunday: Laundry, Trader Joe's, grocery shopping, farmers market, Menards ("We need 3 things: mouse poison, tarps and...Crap we forgot"),  weed whacking and clearing up the last of the garden.....(not necessarily in that order). Cleaning out the litter boxes, putting laundry away and being "fresh" for the new week.

The cuter half tells me that it isn't like anyone couldn't say we aren't busy.....

OMG - it is any wonder that me, Mom of the castle, is a complete, self admitted caffeine junky? Good keep up with cuter half and the boy I am usually downing more of the Starbucks and iced mochas (w a shot of peppermint) than I should. It used to be I was at about 10 cups of coffee a day. Now I think I am at a max of 2-4, 5 on a bad day. I threw out my back again, and will be hobbling about for the next couple days.....

What happened to resting on the weekend? Oh, wait, that is what the boy does. He is "stressed and overwhelmed (wtf). EXCUSE ME? You sir are not stressed. You are using that as an excuse to not "hafta" do anything.

This kid has told me that he is doing my chores. the next chore he gets to do is clean litter boxes. With multiple kitties there are plenty of boxes.......Oh and I get to quit doing his nasty boy laundry. EWWW> won't miss that chore.....nor will I miss not folding socks....or wondering if I remembered to wash his sports gear in hot water to kill the buggies (if there are any).

In college I remember Jill Briscoe coming and telling us that taking home our dirty laundry was saying, "I love you Mom." I remember thinking, "Honey, you haven't met my Mom yet." My Mom help me with typing my papers (although my Greek history one did get to be a bit much....I think it was 30 pages of an analysis and comparason dealing with Hammarabi's Code- she quit after that one). If I showed up at home with too many loads of laundry I had to do it.....there was no signs of love with the laundry was one I hated to do and one my Mom wasn't into either (although Monday is still laundry day for her).

When visiting us on a holiday my Mom will ask, "Are you sick? the washer and dryer aren't going." That was the first year I had planned out WAY ahead and didn't have piles of towels, sheets and other stuff to deal with. I had done laundry daily for at least a month to make that happen.

Anyway, this is why the front load washers don't work for families like ours. Front load washers are made for single men who do a pair of underwear, a sock (if they can find one), a washcloth and maybe a towel and consider it a full load. Our machine smells. I clean it.....although it says after every 5-9 washes- think....5-9 washes here is done in a week. Then if I am dealing with cat barf on the rugs....well now I am up to 10-15 loads. SO if I am lucky, I have laundry done and put away by Sunday.

Right- clean this machine with all the other stuff I hafta do (see above). And my cat Bert can do the kitty conga naked in the moonlight.

I feel like my entire weekend goes to slumming in the laundry up cat poop and dealing with a boy who's social life is generally planned at the last minute....

If I want to stay up past 7 PM I need a cuppa before I leave to come home from work, then another after I get home then one after dinner and I am hyped up enough to stay awake until maybe 10PM.
Damn! I forgot my after dinner coffee.

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