Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today's picture

Normally I haven't been into pictures of the day or things like that. It is cute in theory but when it comes down to it I do have a life outside of cyber space so I do what I can when I feel like it.

Beth Shak had put this up on her FB page....she is a professional poker player who is now getting into shoe and apparal design. Really her stuff is pretty good. It appears she found this on

I think I am in the real people just don't care part of the image thing. I gave up on having an image so long ago I don't think I would know what having an image is or was unless it came up and bit me on the nose.

RIght now I am so pooped I don't think I care about image. the cuter half and I have run around so much this weekend it is another one of those times where we have to go back to work to recuperate.
Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!

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