Friday, October 5, 2012

What if you made 1 cent for every record sold?

The cuter half and I were talking today about how unmotivated some people are. Some people we know are so lazy and unmotivated that they can't even make it out the door....and sometimes the boy is the leader of the unmotivated pack
What woke cute one and I up today was an interesting story on the radio:

Did you know that the Beatles were at the bottom of the barrel? They had Brian Epstien (an ambitious manager) and no business acumen or skill and were essentially making $25.00 a week?

Think about it. These guys were living at home (most likely) under age and wanting to sing. They would do anything. They were ambitious.....and talented.

I don't think they would shove their granny under a bus to get a contract but really, they were going to work hard to get somewhere and it sounds to me like getting out of Liverpool was the primary goal.

This segment was located on Wikipedia:
"Supposedly, Martin had no intention of signing The Beatles after listening to the Decca recordings, but after learning that Epstein would cancel all his substantial NEMS business with EMI was a contract offered. Martin denied this account by saying it was Epstein's conviction that The Beatles would become internationally famous which finally convinced him to offer a recording contract. He also later admitted that EMI had "nothing to lose" by signing a contract with The Beatles, as the terms of payment were negligible. At this point the group had been rejected by almost every other British record company, and Martin had never heard the group live. The Beatles were eventually signed to EMI's small Parlophone label, which had had very little experience with pop or rock artists. Upon signing the contract Epstein immediately sent a telegram to The Beatles (who were in Hamburg), and the Mersey Beat music paper in Liverpool.
The recording contract gave The Beatles one penny for each record sold, which was split among the four members, meaning that each earned one farthing per copy. The royalty rate was further reduced for singles sold outside the UK; the group received half of one penny per single, which was again split between the whole group. Martin scheduled the first recording session to be on 6 June 1962, at Abbey Road Studios. Epstein later renegotiated EMI's royalty rate, and on 27 January 1967, The Beatles signed a new nine-year contract with EMI. The contract stipulated that 25 per cent would be paid to NEMS for the full nine years even if The Beatles decided not to renew their management contract with Epstein, which was up for renewal later that year."

Shouldn't we have similar goals for our kids? No matter how low things are or how bad it seems; shouldn't we be expecting more, pushing harder and making the tough choices?
I think we should.

I have always pushed the boy for more and I am not gonna stop now.
he needs to do MORE.

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