Wednesday, September 5, 2012

writers block

I absolutely HATE writers block.
I think I have it because I am "marking time" and a decision will be made this Friday about what I will be doing.

We were on vacation and I wasn't able to write in my story or even do any critical writing at all. I was numb.

Kind of broken, and in some situations a shy little bunny rabbit.
The future is a scary place and the boy is making some plans....has some ideas and is just like any other kid his age.....making choices.

I didn't help by telling the boy that the choices he makes now will affect him down the road.

Scared the _________ out of him.

I wish I would have had more guidance with my choices....I am hoping that the guidance we give the boy will help him with his decisions and teaching him HOW to do things will happen when he has his own place and is able to do his own things. We have never treated him like his Aspergers is a disability. Instead we have told him to use it for a strength and work with it instead of him working for it.

Still have that darn writers block though.....

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