Saturday, September 1, 2012

get out of my house.

I made the boy go out of the house.

Forced actually....went outside with him, located the soccer ball and INSISTED he kick it around for a good while.

This was done, after a bout of screaming....threats, and some melting down on the boy's part. He has 2 doctors that have TOLD him he MUST exercise up to 4x a week when not doing sports. The boy is lazy. He hates it; anything that involves work or activity must not be done. The worst of it is that there are other kids who are the SAME WAY and the boy wants to be like them.

CRINGE....I make him go out and I will kick the soccer ball or use a volley ball or a football....any thing to get this kid out of the house and make him exert some effort.

Today I embarrassed him by going out and kicking the ball with him. "Go back in the house Mom. I will do this by myself."

He later told me that he envisioned that the soccer ball was my head cut off and he was kicking it around the yard. OK....too many violent video games perchance??? If he were ever allowe to see them here. I think I will have to close off wifi again and make him more miserable.

He just saps it right out of the cuter half and I....

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