Thursday, September 27, 2012

Put a sock in it.

Inane muttering by a young aspie male just makes life harder- for him.

I now understand why the alcohol rate is higher with parents that have kids on the spectrum than not. Some of us don't sleep well at night. My personal fav is Melatonin, but others may prefer a more creative route. We still have some port and some kind of funky elephant fruit thing in the fridge on the nights when we need some assistance.....or just want a drink.

Tonight for example is really a struggle for me, the lone female of the house, to not run into the family room with the estrogen flying screaming, "Do we have to hear any more about this crap?" then quietly walk out again and go find a kitty cat to solve the rest of the worlds issues with. Yea, yea, not the mature route, but the visual certainly sounds like a good time.....we are listening to the boy scream about algebra and how we are terrible parents for not helping him what is this garbage, he wants us to do the work for him- don't think so dude.

I know understand why my parents went out every night of the week and left me at home to make my own dinner (really amazing that I didn't grasp the cooking thing). If I went it was out of despiration for decent food.
Not that my Mom didn't cook; she did.....once in a while when my siblings came home.....otherwise the lament of "There is no point in cooking for 3 people. I made reservations." or "There's a banquet tonight, you have to eat what is in the pantry...go make something." I lived on Knox noodles and the rice stuff for a good long time.....which really is OK and I kind of miss it now when I have to eat stuff I don't like. I hear we are having french onion soup (YUCK- soggy bread nasty- I ended up with grape nuts) tonight....not only do I have to deal with the gas crisis later I know I will be in for the nightmares with the oders that will be in the bedroom......

On another positive note- I have heard from a reliable source that a male aspie at 18 gets slightly better when they become 29. But only slightly.....then, well, OK I know what is coming.....
No, no I don't and the thought of this terrifies me too.

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