Monday, May 14, 2012

"We can't give up hope, because it is all we have got"

the cuter half told me that we have worked so hard so the boy can get a job at mcdonalds.

My God this is what we have come to?

A job at mcdonalds.

We have worked with the boy this long, this hard and we get a job at mcdonalds. I WON"T EAT THE FOOD THERE.....but this is the goal that we have.


I know, I am in one of my funky moods. We have had a lot going on with just me physically and then we throw in a 3 year re-eval (torture in a smaller way), several things we HAVE to do.... a possible weekend thing for the cuter one and i and now we are having a job goal of Mcdonalds.

Talk about the proverbial kick in the damn teeth.

I feel like I have wasted time, energy and effort. It all seems so futile.

I am tired, frustrated and annoyed.
THe boy fights us at every turn; over the stupidist stuff....hygiene, classes late homework. Boys are such drama kings....Give me a break.
I thought girls were the dramatic ones....Not at this house...the boy is little Mr. Drama......"I don't do that well so I don't bother." He pulled that on his LA teacher today....fortunately the teacher didn't fall for it.

Neither do we.....

McDonalds? I don't think so.....

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  1. you go Mom! There is no reason to "settle" for a McJob when he is capable of so much more. From all of your descriptions, it sounds like he could be a candidate for some sort of culinary degree if he can find a lower-stress environment in which to use it! And if he chooses a service-type job, I would definitely recommend something like grocery where the benefits are better (many departments are unionized). Having worked plenty of food-service jobs in my day, I would highly recommend against the fast food industry.


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