Friday, May 11, 2012


IT has been a long week.

I am thinking that there are other things I need to start doing besides writing a blog about living with the boy.
I am wondering if there is a futile-ness in trying to explain about a life that either people don't get, refuse to grasp or are in denial....Some of that makes me rather sad. I know, there are a number of you who would tell me to quit the blog....or stop writing because no one cares about what you are writing anyway and secrets are secrets (CODSWALLOP).

What started me on this was I was helping someone the other day manage an e-mail thing. It is very time consuming for is getting out of control. Someone reported this person to a site and other pages because, although on some e-mail listings, this whiner was complaining that they didn't "KNOW" who the person was. Then I heard that someone else, was possibly banned from another page because they didn't grasp the page rules.


This is unnecessary drama. In fact, this would be the classic example of, "Get over yourself." If you got yourself on a list, you are on the list....OMG you might get asked to join up. OOPS. SO decline it and let it go. IF it bothers you that bad take the email address and block it or whatever alternative is available to you.
As far as the other thing goes, that is so far beneath me I don't even have another comment to make.

Did you know it is Mother's Day weekend? I didn't even realize it until someone gave me a card. This year it has kind of been one of those oblique holidays that I knew was there but didn't pay attention to....or forgot about. I think we are taking my Mom out to dinner, if she wants to go. I have no preference....this is one of those weekends where I don't really care what we do.....I want to hide under the radar and just be. I know that won't be allowed to happen.....but if I do what I would like to do I am going to later WISH I had gone under the radar....

OH and the other thing that got me today....I know, 3 things...amazing. We have dealt with the torture and horror of video games.

I hate them.

Seriously, I really do hate them.

The boy texted me, for a good part of the afternoon, then called me and then got after me when I got home.....about joining video game club at school. Guess what my reaction was? Don't know do you? A resounding, "No." Naturally, an argument ensued.....a screaming fit about what a terrible person I am and how awful I am and that I am not fit to know, the basics. 
My reaction to the boy is not typical this time. I got in his face. I did. I am not proud of it....but it happened.
I did directly inform the boy that IF there is inappropriate behavior, yelling, screaming, threatening, carrying on, rudeness, physical violence, or temper tantrums of ANY nature I will make certain that there is NO such thing as a video game club that will me mentioned in my or his presence again.
As such, all of that has to be GUARANTEED that I will not have to deal with any of the above list and not come home to Mr Hissy-Fit.

The thing is....when video games are brought up to me....... it really pisses me off. I have explained WHY and HOW I feel about them. To the boy, you blog readers, the cuter half and to anyone that the old social group we had. Everyone knows, or knew why I was so anti-video game....and what that means to the boy. Instead of support we get pressured to allow our son to play them....then more pressure when we don't have them available to play here.

Ironically, no one respects me enough to realize that my "NO" means  "NO". There is no respect by the boy or the people who used to argue with me and tell me that the boy would get used to the over stimulization that some video games inspire.....
My take is that if the boy hadn't gotten used to it the first time the over stimulization happened why should he do so now? Taking it away entirely is probably not the best or greatest move....but if I want Mr. Lazy-butt to get off his butt he can't be messing around all day or every day after school with video games. Besides that I am not about to deal with a meltdown that would put Mel Gibson (no link to it...I don't want to support it) to shame.

Give us History club, Mythology club, Foodie club, Mario Batali club, Taste of Chicago club, underwater basket weaving club, Gross stuff club ......ANYTHING but video game club.....

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  1. I think further explaination is in order. I will mention a few words and maybe you will understand my thoughts about video games: black eye, bloody nose, broken foot (2x) and broken thumb.


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