Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taking out the silver maple

We love trees.
We have several in our yard. Silver maples, a river aspen, a decorative lilac.....and lots of plants.

We experiment constantly.

We have to take out the silver maple. Last summer there was a tornado. It got our neighbors tree- hit ours, then hopscotched thru town.

We had more tree damage and issues than were anticipated.

Then we were lied to and taken advantage of by Care of Trees (Don't hire them-total rip off). WE have squirrel tennants in our tree....they are several large families of black squirrels living in an arm of our silver maple. Although they are charming (ugh) is time for the free tennancy to move to someone else yard.

This tree has to be cut down.....I will miss the shade. I will miss the BIG LEAVES and the protection from the sun beating down on our little house. There are only a few times I am OK with tree removal.

We looked closely today and there was major rotting going on, the branches in part of the tree are dead....there is more damage than is salvagable.

It is sad because both the cuter half and I love trees....the rings are historical.....I am wondering HOW many tree rings there will be on this tree. I am going to go look after we have the tree down and see WHAT this tree may have seen. It is an OLD one...the beauty of the trees are amazing....And yes I can wax eloquent because the decision has been made.

Although we don't know how many rings any of us will seems that taking down a tree always seems like a traumatic and tragic waste.

We were discussing the tree removal in front of the boy this evening. He then announced that he was nervous about the removal of the tree. Our response was, "Well dude, what is better? To have a giant tree fall on our home or to have the tree (that is hollow) removed and we plant something else?"

All of this brought on a lack of using soap in the shower, "I forgot" - and the smell therein. I can handle little box, and even horse poop, body oder is too much for me. I couldn't even let the boy hug me...I wanted to gag.

I will miss my lovely old tree.

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