Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The boy doesn't listen

the boy tells us we are jerks. He is very busy trying to be perfect and prove that we are the horrible people. So what else is new?

Now, wait a minute. Last night he almost got me in a car crash.....I am still not over that one.
tonight we are bad becuase the cuter half wanted him to move a table project that was drying out on the driveway....and yet we are the jerks becuase we expect him to hold his own.

Little does the boy realize that I got him to unload the dishwasher because I am waiting for my nail polish to dry. He is proving to me that he isn't a jerk. Basically out trying to manipulate his mother into doing what he wants me to do....but if i work this right he will end up doing the chores and other things I expect him to do without too much fuss and bother.

Burn out rate with the cute one and i is extremely high right now. Like with teachers who can walk away for a couple of years parents get burned out too. The difference is we can't walk away or pretend the Aspergers isn't there. Whether we like it or not we have to come up with ways of coping and teaching the boy how to cope too.

He doesn't listen.

I have told people for years that becuase he is disabled that means he has to work harder and try more. The boy doesn't want to nor does he feel like it. As I have told him I don't feel like doing your laundry so I guess I will stop and you can wash your own clothes..... the thing is, the people I have mentioned the try harder thing to basically disagree because it is EASIER to not be consistent, not force the issue and not make the effort.

the boy is still telling me how dumb girls are.....that crap is gonna stop or he is going to be sleeping in the garage.....

It is gonna be a LONG summer.

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