Monday, May 21, 2012

Academics mean a lot

Our expectations from a kid who was never supposed to talk, was going to be in theraputic day school until he expired and all that other crap were supposed to be minimal at best.

I will say ehre and now, I wish to GOD we never got that damned diagnosis. The reason is because MOST people have ZERO expectations of a kid on the spectrum.

I know, you have heard me say it before.

Guess what?

I am saying it again.

WE are gonna have a nervous breakdown over a class that the boy is in right now. This teacher is driving me literally crazy.....the notes aren't available, the IEP is being busted left right and center....and I am still trying to play ball and be fair. Yet I am writing emails, and tonight I had to flat out admit his class was driving me a drink every evening to calm down nuts.....It is so insane.....

You know what bucko? I could give a rats that you are going to be retired after this year. I am frankly hoping that my darling cuter half and I pushed you to the brink.....we have done it to would be another chalk line on the blackboard. Yeah, I know, I am tough, I am mean and you know what else? I am tired out and I am still ready for round two when I tell my darling little angel that he has to make his own bed because I have retired from bed making in his room (where I am tripping over boxes and books....done with that party).

The boy is a smart cookie. He has been around the theraputic block once or twice, "I am stressed and overwhelmed." (staccato voce and drawn out vowels) With the dramacic sigh, don't forget. Mention studying for a test and we get darn close to water works....until I start teasing him and asking him about the Oscar he needed to be nominated for....then the dimples come out and the laugh and there you are....look at you....all stressed out and cracking up cause the old woman busted you....

Really? what part of the boondocks does this kid think I came from?

Oh and guess what babycakes? Daddy and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. We know how to play your game and you are going to work your butinzski off and get good grades, You are capable of it.

The saving grace Mr Stinkerboy has right now is that he is smart. He is able to explain things that most people don't grasp.....the republican party used to be the democratic party and then both sides changed names....happened right around the Civil war. WHO KNEW? The boy knew....he talks about it in detail.

Don't get him started on the different groups and the Civil rights era....he has a whole thing on Martin Luther King....between him an Fredrick Douglas we could have the boy teaching a history class on that alone.

DO NOT write these kids off. Ours is doing everything he can to work his head off- naturally complaining and griping about his his parents the entire way.

Expectations are set high. We still don't have no basement for the boy to live in so he has to be able to manage without a bunch of help.

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  1. And the money the teachers are paid. Best wishes to you and never quit advocating.


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