Thursday, April 12, 2012

OVer booked OVer timed OVer budget

We are pooped. Too much going on.
We had a meeting on Monday and if you didn't go you SHOULD HAVE been there. It was really good!

Then Tuesday was the super cool therapist giving me blog topics during a session with the family.....

Then tonight was a family thing that needed done.....and the cuter half had a work meeting and the boy had a cancelled thing and he was doing homework at school. Then I got home finally and it has been zoom zoom with homework ever since.

Then tomorrow we can hope and pray for NOTHING!!! WE want NOTHING going on. Not one stupid lousy thing.....I don't care if the litter box needs cleaned, or the laundry done or there are ants in the bathroom I am not doing NUTHIN!!! Made my point didn't I?

It is times like there where we know we are over booked and we are trying to take on too much.

This is the part of life that the boy needs to work on. He is famous for trying to do too much and take on too many things. He learned last fall that staying up too late messes up life.
Better to learn now than later.

There is a thing called "priming" I saw it on the Northwestern web site and it sounds interesting:

Priming is a powerful psychological technique. It involves exposure to a specific stimulus (often repeatedly), a short delay and then the completion of a task. How you complete the task is influenced by the stimulus which “primes you” to act in a certain way. You have an implicit memory of the stimulus which is used to complete the task. It can be surprising powerful especially when the priming stimulus is carefully selected and we are doing the task in automatic mode.

Isn't that cool? Using a stimulus to get back on task....and then going into the automatic mode for completion. That works. Wait, I spend 90% of my day in automatic mode.

Maybe this isn't such a good idea, but my first impresssion was that it would be totally effective.

I think if we train the boy to learn how to make choices that is a form of "priming". As I have said before, and I KNOW it isn't a popular allegory but it is like training a puppy. Or even our adorable kitty cats.....they are trained to not claw on my furnature or mess in the master bedroom. Yeah it isn't the same thing but didn't we train the boy last fall about timing and how it is important to do the right thing and not screw up for everyone else too?
He learned.

Time for tired Mom's to go to bed....this has been quite the week.....

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