Sunday, April 29, 2012

More news about hygiene

Aspies and hygiene are big news.

The boy is being gross and not washing his hair, brushing his teeth or cleaning his face with SOAP. I am ready to step into the bath room and squeeze as much soap as I can over the shower to get him clean.

Dandruff is disgusting. He has a whole head full. I am beyond grossed out.....I will shave his head....with the razors and he can be would be easier on me if he had NO HAIR.
I am tired of nagging and arguing with him.

In fact, we have talked to his therapist and unless things change, when he moves out it is unlikely that the cuter one and I will be making the effort to go over very much. It is too much work. We are tired. tonight I am so annoyed....I am thinking the boy will end up like one of those nut jobs on horders.

The difference is, it won't be my house and I won't have to care.
I don't have to go over and see it.

This is gross and if he doesn't smell like soap again I am going to douse him with a good dose of it.

What is a nice girl like me doing with a nasty dirty kid like this?

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