Friday, April 13, 2012

I had to explain this tonight (it's funny- I am laughing)

This evening has been like almost every other Friday evening.
Homework, Family TV night- the ususal shows- Who do you think you are? Stuff like that.

This evening however I am in need of thanking someone. Mr Rob Lowe used a phrase this evening in a promo for a coming show that caught the boy's attention. I beleive it went something like this, "You are kidding, my anscestor told George Washington to stick it?", queried Rob.

My boy's question was not, "Who is Rob Lowe, Mommy?" or "Why would anyone tell George Washington to stick it Mom?"

No, not my boy. My boy asks me, "Mom what does it mean to tell some one to stick it?"

For those of you who know me well you know that I have had some "colorful" language in the past (OK sometimes in the present too). It was all I could do not got go into fits.....of laughter. OMG HOW protected is my son if he doesn't know what "stick it" means?

So, as any good Aspie Mom, what do I do? I head to the computer and look up "What does it mean to stick it?"

For those who need a bit of a reminder:

Q: What does it mean to stick it to the man?
A: To fight back at the man (authority). For example, you are sticking it to the man if you refuse to do   something he/she told you.

This whole experience made me realize a number of things.
First- My son is more sheltered than I ever was (and I was pretty darn sheltered). Although his Mom has some "colorful" language choices slang is generally not spoken around here. Not because we can't but we have struggled with him and the ENGLISH language. Slang was just not part of the option
Second- We are very literal. This is part of his Aspergers, but everything means something to the boy and there are little or no gray areas.

So thanks, Rob, for helping me tonight. I needed a good laugh and that provided me with one. Also, reminding me that my son is in need of "slang" lessons....
OH Geez.....this is gonna suck (see, look, I used slang). Alright,  I know I need some updating with my slang too (as does Rob Lowe). The sad thing is I make up my own phrases for almost everything. I have always done that.....or songs, but lets not get into those (very sad, very disturbing, and some very weird little tunes).

What I am getting at is that although we have to stand up for our kids as parents and help them we also have to let them do things on their own. We have to teach them slang.....or at least the cuter half and I do. The boy is not going to appreciate our efforts and will either believe we have lost our minds or is going to really think we drank too much Mike's Lemonade with dinner (we didn't, I had a diet and the cuter had milk)

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