Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Experiences

We have had a LOT of life experiences going on here today.
The boy is learning about what it would be like if Mom stopped doing everything she does. Mom gets to handle a lot of stuff: mainly laundry, dishes, cleaning up cat poop and puke....anything nasty and gross is automatically a "Mom Job"

Although I have insomnia right now there is a reason for the madness.... I had a test done today and the pain is still pretty bad and I don't wish to disturb the cute one.
I had to go for a "procedure" today. If you are a woman, reading this you already have an idea of what I had done. A guy....well drop a 30 lb bowling ball on your b____ repeatedly (5-6 times) and maybe you will be able to imagine what it feels like.

Anyway, I had things to do around the house, prior to going to work, and this procedure....I really needed to get this stuff done- making beds, cleaning litter boxes; the little time consuming stuff.
It didn't happen.
Not one thing.
After the doc, I barely made it to work and ended up having to leave early...I came home and have crashed out for most of the day and evening. Didn't even have the energy to play up on my farm, island or look at puzzles on FB. I missed a committee meeting that I really needed to be at and pretty much cancelled out on everything that wasn't urgent or needed done....which was everything.

The funny thing is the boy came to the family room and asked me about making his bed. I said, "The sheets are on the chair, go make your bed." He then informed me he would prefer sleeping on the floor. I told him to make your own bed and I would deal with the real bed making later. I checked, it appears he made his bed but wasn't to happy about it....

Ergo, Mom is too exhausted to give a poop if you haven't got a bed to sleep on.

I think the boy knew something was up. All I have done is lay around all day. I haven't felt like myself until a little while ago....and he wasn't amused with some of the changes.....he has to manage on his own and it isn't terribly comfortable or fun.

Being responsible is a huge deal around here and the boy's lack thereof has been showing lately. We had been busy trying to get things together prior to this thing for me....

I honestly didn't expect it to whack me out as much as it did.....the doc's idea of a "little pinch" felt like someone had taken a paper clip and logged it up my ____. SO the pain was mind numbingly terrible I knew there would be some, but to have it so bad I was sobbing for hours and in my sleep afterwords. GOOD NIGHT!! If men had the babies there wouldn't be any. I would take something but after 2 glasses of wine I am not thinking a Tylenol would be a good idea.....

The cuter half was a good sport about it. He stayed with me and held my hand thru the whole thing....handed me tissues while I sobbed and then drove me, picked me up and then put me to bed....then decided to dig up nasty rude old crab grass in the front yard while I crashed....

the boy was in the normal oblivion...although I am thinking we need to start explaining this kind of thing to him. All I told him was that I was sick. Although he doesn't need the details he does need to know that i am not going to do all the stuff he wants because he wants it done. He has to man up and do more of it on his own.....

Mostly this is about life and what needs done....right now we need to re-evaluate what we are doing and how it is going to happen. I wonder what will happen next....and I am hoping not another "paper clip" test....I don't think I can stand another one....or at least be conscious for it.

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