Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our therapist is giving me blog topics

This is way more than scary.
We were at a session this evening....a family one and what do you know, our ultra cool therapist was throwing blog topics at me.
Good one's too.
It is unfortunate that I am completely stressed out, brain dead and freaking tired. I can't recall a single one.

I was more thinking about when I was going to have time to take a shower and wash my hair than thinking about blogging....see what happens when I sit down for more than a few minutes....brain=mush.

We have been prepping for any number of things.

Working at the maturity level but that ain't happening right now.....then worrying about how the boy is going to learn to pay bills....
Tonight we got to explain that in this economy you really don't want to be the boss because you might take the hit for the company you are in charge of and that would not be a good business move right now. It is better to work for someone and not have to worry about the rent, bills, and marketing. You are there to work, and not be in charge of anything..... paying the bills at a business is gonna keep you up at night.....it does. Since I have never opted to be in charge of anything but my own life the cute one and I are not having to be the boss (except at home with the boy and the kitty cats)

Besides the boy has to learn what is cost effective and what isn't. He has to learn that catering and cooking and restaurants all run hand in hand. Making things work at a higher rate of speed has been good for him.....he has to learn it isn't all fuss and growl....he has to do it, smile and look like you like it even when you probably won't-
Yes I am remembering my retail life in college when I sold prom dresses to 16 year old girls....OMG what an unholy nightmare of an experience. YUCK. Just think, taking a bazillion dresses into a dressing room with an annoying girl who has the brain of a knat and can't make up her mind.....I don't miss retail AT ALL. Thankfully, I was in college at the time and totally was into selling the dresses....I could probably do it again but I don;t think I could manage the 3 inch heels, dress and matching opaque tights (this was a dress code - seriously) with all that makeup and accessories. ICKO.

The boy doesn't realize that between cute one and I we have almost worked every kind of job experience ever....and still lived to tell the tale. lol

Like most kids in his specturm Mom and Dad are as dull as two bricks and about as smart. He doesn't realize that we have done more and worked harder than he will ever imagine (FYI - if you are in the middle class and you have looked at college costs.....hopefully the kick in the teeth you got after financial aide denial was reparable). which begs another point.

Why is it after years of "Doing as one ought." "Following the rules" and all that malarky that just means that you get the shaft worse than most?  Like that cute little girl in Christmast Vacation, "We did good at school, and were good at home and we still got the shaft." Although she was discussing gifts and Santa- there is something to be said for doing things as we should and still feeling like there is a LONG way to go....or at least getting a tax bill that is more than what Bill Gates had to pay (kidding).....
SO where am I going here? Gosh I don't know.....this is all the therapists fault. He made suggestions that I Still can't remember and I have been writing aimlessly all over the page
I think I need to e-mail him and be certain about what I missed because it is likely I was thinking about my rosemary mint shampoo......it has been a long week and it is only Tuesday.

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