Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Narcissim Remembered

This seemed like a good time to bring up narcissistic tendencies again.
IT seems like there are a number of things we are givien the good fortune to deal with. Most of them are like us, rather mundane and kind of boring....
But then we are in an IEP meeting and it hits me.
There is a reason that most people think kids with disabilities are narcissistic. IT is because no one ever tells them NO that is not a good the boy decided he wanted to be a comic book a job or hobby.....The cuter one told the boy that it would be OK as a hobby but he had to get a real job and bring in the money.....

It went over well....the boy didn't care but the staff didn't appear to be impressed. HELLO.....he has to work to pay bills. Unless he wins the lottery or makes a gob of money (neither of which are likely to happen) So High HO off to work you go.

That and I am quite certain we will be running into more narcissitic tendencies later in the week....but that is merely conjecture we will see what happens...

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