Saturday, February 18, 2012

I heard it on the radio

This morning the boy and I were listening to the radio.

80's on 8 and Belinda was singing about "Heaven on Earth" The boy had a good question, "Why is she talking about Heaven on Earth Mom, Heaven is beyond the clouds in the sky."

I tried to explain that while on earth we have to make our own heaven. We have to select the people, places and things that mean a lot to us. We have our little family, my mom, his dad's family and our extended family and friends that help us appreciate what we have on earth. That is comparable to heaven on earth.

Is there really heaven on earth. Well I don't know. I think that is akin to being contented where you are. We are where we are because we are supposed to be. Like last night, the boys were watching Star Trek, I wasn't in the mood for a movie so I was cleaning up kitchen mess and getting the laundry organized and at one point I thought, "I am where I am supposed to be for right now." I am supposed to be here rinsing a dish with ranch dressing stuck to it.
Not real dramatic, or exciting and certainly NOT what I expected but it is what it is.

I had always thought that heaven was what you make here on earth. Not that we worship at an earthly level or anything, but that God has us create and show an example of what heaven would be like. Maybe it isn't perfect, I know ours isn't, but maybe it is right for the people involved. In the Bible it says that what we do here on earth is what creates for us in heaven. Maybe we don't have much on earth, maybe like the poor woman at church we give our last denari, but maybe we do and give all we can for what God asks us to do.

Many times I have said that the cuter half and I are chosen by God to have the kid that we have. Frankly speaking, the cuter have opted in for this. The cute one chose to hang out with me, my kid and all the baggage. Maybe some would say the cute one was "called" or maybe God chose him. I do know that the boy and I would not have the wonderful life that we have with out him.

Being chosen means that we have to make our things work for us. We have to try harder, work more...assage fears. There is a phrase that comes to mind that was big when I was in HS church group, "Be more than conquerors."

Hopefully, my explanation to the boy about heaven on earth was enough. Quite possibly I totally botched it. The theology of me is not exactly perfect and I remember a missionary told me once to, "Quit reading between the lines of the Bible, it is what it is. Don't make it so complicated."

Ergo, we have heaven on earth when we are contented and not fighting against what God has given us.....

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