Sunday, February 26, 2012

What happened to our energy?

The cuter half and I were talking last night.

We used to have SO MUCH energy. We could pack quite a lot into one weekend and finish projects, complete ideas and work on things that we wanted to get done. We would re-do the family room, pull up carpeting, clean the garage, paint the patio, re-shelve the boy's room....the whole thing.

Now we can't. After a day of working, dealing with school or helping with homework we are zoned.

It isn't the boy's fault but he has NO concept on how draining he is. He doesn't get a break from us and we don't from him and well when we are home with him I am O'D-ing on coffee (10 cups on Friday to keep me upright while I was home with him dealing with the flu). It is a lot to handle and although the cuter one and I are doing OK we realized how exhausted we are and what we are doing to keep going (which is nothing- we sit there almost like zombies).

The thing is (yup another thing) the cute one and I aren't old. We are relatively young. We love to do a lot of stuff anything from going to the local museums to walking around and talking to eating at a cafe. There isn't a lot that we won't try (bungy jumping is out) and we have a lot of experiences with life and art and things just by learning about the things around us.

However, we have been on a "mission" to culture up the boy. It hasn't been easy. We had him watch "Of Mice and Men" as he is "reading" the book at school. Last night it was the "Grapes of Wrath" and the cuter one was trying to explain to the boy that the family didn't WANT to leave their home and go be pickers in California.The boy was all excited that the family got to go to California.

Next is gonna be art. I know, I am not what one would think of as a teacher when one sees a sculpture or a painting. Guess what porkchop? I can ID a picture of a statue and tell you what it is by only seeing the picture. I can also tell you something ABOUT the sculpture and why things were done the way they were and why the "Moses" was done with horns (a misread of the Bible). I have some old art books that were my mainstay as a kid and I loved them. I am pulling them now so the boy will know what the Sistene Chapel is, where the sculpture of "David" is located and who drew the sketches at the Art museum.

If the last 4 days are any example of what life is gonna be like after HS we are screwed.

You do realize all of this will be lost on the boy. He has NO interest in art and showing him a nude statue will only elicite the response, "That is totally inappropriate."
We have our work cut out for us.

Although we believe he should have been reading or watching the classics at school we have spent almost the entire year on one book....the cuter half and I are trying to get the classics read here at home. We expect a lot. Lit classes at the educational level are a gross disappointment. I have been saying that for years. Ergo every weekend the cute one is looking up movies or something for the boy to see and we are working at this to make certain the boy has SOME exposure.

As I have said, the cuter one and I have absolutely NO energy left. Nada.

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