Monday, February 20, 2012

We are ready.

I think there is a reason most kids take a gap year before going to college. It is MUCH more common in Europe with weathier families than here and I am starting to think that it is a good idea.

Having some different experiences outside of school environment may give you a bigger reason to study OR pay point you in a different direction than you had been in before.

The boy is struggling this year. He has a number of TOUGH classes and the teachers are harder and he is really working hard. His friend is tutoring him....thank God. I don't know what we would do without this person....she is helping tremendously and she has some great ideas for tutoring and I think that she would be good at it professionally.

The cuter half and I are exhausted from trying to explain tapeworms and ringworms and round worms and wormy worms and....well you can tell where I am going. I think I struggle with the worm bit. I am not good at icky animals....I can manage doggies, kitties, whales, horses, goats, and cute things....worms are not my forte.

Maybe it is the first time the boy has ever studied with a friend. Most of the time it is the cuter half and I making up a baseball game (with cards and the whole's a competition here) or it is making it LOOK like a book and trying to encorage the work on that end like reading a story or something.

I am thinking we are ready for the boy to be done with school for a while. I know for myself I would like a summer off of homework....although I think the boy would last a week and then he would be bored stiff and need something to do....maybe a job and school? Perchance.

Or maybe this gap year thing with volunteering, helping and trying new things locally....a find yourself kind of year. HE has his direction....and we have to keep him motivated but it is hard with the parents feeling older than their real age and rather worn out ant tired.

Oh and another thing....if the boy takes my soy milk again I will make him pay me for more....

no anger or anything....just putting it out there.

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