Monday, February 6, 2012

An Autism Expert

The cuter half showed me something interesting.

I read about an "Autism Expert" that has been recently hired locally. My personal experience with "Autism Experts" sort of puts them at a disadvantage. Most people who are "Autism experts" have been, in my experience....a little short on the full picture of our kids or more accurately, my kid. These experts have been notoriously short sighted, they have told us to use cards that say "STOP" during a full blown meltdown. They offer stickers and tell parents, "There needs to be rewards for ethinic backrounds, a boy a girl and a special ed student." NO I am not kidding- totally full blown insulting and really demeaning to the rewards and the kids. Beyond disgusting- Let's give out rewards for those who breathed today. Please.

Frankly anyone who gives my son a reward that he hasn't earned will be looked upon with loathing and it is likely that the reward will be thrown at them and then some choice language will be exhibited. Not by the cute one naturally, the delicate flower that is his wife.

I know, I haven't even met her yet.

I read the know they really shouldn't let us special ed parents have access to the newspaper....we might read it and find things out. Geez how dumb do you people think we are? We also read between the lines too.....and let me tell you the spaces bettween the lines in this most recent article are QUITE eloquent. I know, suspicious minds are the devil's workshop. Well you know what, there are times when being a bit suspicious of something is a safeguard....and at least if this new one has any sense she will keep her new age hippy crap away from my kid. Oh and mentioning the terms, "developing services" is probably not a total thrill to those who have been thru the educational wars.

IN my defense, our past experiences with the special ed districts and other services red flags were ALL over that article. Freak out red flags (developing her own program- automatic nightmare) where I am praying to God to get thru this last year.....and I swear if she gives me a sticker to give to my kid.....well it may end up in a bathroom somewhere.....or in the bottom of a toilet bowl. Frankly, and NO one wants to hear this the ONLY thing that really works is earning their way out of the self contained bit. Sorry kids, that's it. IF they want to be in challenging classes or using the ole' gray matter they have to earn their way out of the special ed classrooms. Totally up to the kids to be able to handle that.

Ok, that's a bit extreme and I know, "Give the lady a chance." Stop venting and let the program explain itself....

I am thinking the mantra "One More Year" is gonna be right up there with Erma Bombeck's old mantra, "Paul Newman, Paul Newman, Paul Newman..." or my old mantra "Robert Redford, Robert Redford, Robert Redford...."

How about Jimmy Buffett?
I think a good dose of Margaritaville is in order right now....

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  1. As a friend of the cuter half said, "If you have to tell someone you are an autism expert you are not."

    Point well taken.


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