Thursday, February 16, 2012

we aren't like this really

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We aren't like this really.

We aren't mean (unless provoked).

We aren't rude (mostly).

We are tough. Hard as nails to some (at least that is their misguided opinion).

We have learned the hard way not to believe everything we are told. Doc’s misdiagnosing the boy has raised our “Say what?” factor to almost a desultory degree.

As an attorney I know used to say, "There are 3 sides to every story: Her side, His side and the Truth." He was right.

We aren't proud of being the way we are either.

We have dealt with what we have been given and good or bad it is what it is.

We are who and what we are because of our families, their support (and sometimes lack thereof) and what we know and the experiences that we have had in and out of special education.

We hear a lot of things.

Some people told us the best way to get rid of (Aspergers) is to make it “depart” out of the kid. Seriously, we don't talk to them. (Strangers walk up to one and say the darnest things don't they?) Like it is a demon possession or something….I don’t really think so….

Some other people ask us how evil we are because God has cursed us and we must have been really bad. I know of at least one person that might agree with this one, but sorry that isn’t it either. (Really? Now that is interesting....who knew?)

Some others are ashamed of us. Oops. Can't help you with that one; all I can say is that we might not admit we know you....since you are ashamed of us that shouldn’t bother you though.

Lately I am really tired. Honest.

The boy has been challenging but more because he is insecure with himself. He is not feeling very welcome in his educational environment. Dear friends are encouraging us to home school but I know what would happen….the boy would be homeschooled in history, and some math and totally exempt from everything else. We don’t have the energy to do it. It wouldn’t be fair to him nor would he get an appropriate education.

In the meantime, the cuter half has been making me laugh and telling me funny stories but I am still bone weary tired.

The boy is higher functioning. That means that he is able to do more and qualified for less in the social services department.

Determining the best route to take leads parents like us in a dozen directions.

I think I know where we should go with this and I think the cute one is with me....the boy is not disagreeing right now and next year it may be time for the birds to fly the nest.....

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