Friday, February 24, 2012

Dealing with sick kid and homework

There is nothing like a sick Aspie teen.

Ours has had a stint of projectile vomiting in 3 rooms....not eating, refusing to cooperate. His pediatrician thinks he is a jerk (as do we) although we realize he is a crabby pants because he doesn't feel well.
The best part is he has a TON of homework that the cuter half and I would have NEVER known about because the boy would have NEVER told us.

He is working on it now.

He still has a migrane. He still wants to watch TV and videos He still wants my help after shouting at me and telling me to shut the ___ up.

I am letting turd boy stew in his own juices.

I have no intention of helping him right now. I am still pissed.

NO ONE, I mean NO ONE talks to me like that.
I gave birth to this kid and I am not putting up with his crap. He is finding that his mom will turn around walk away and leave him to his own devices and his dad won't put up with his garbage is awfully BORING when the rights are removed from the home and I am back at no more tv no more fun....he needs to get his head out of his butt and be nice or life will be much much worse. I could give a rats how sick he has been....I am not tolerating poor inexcuseable behavior.

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