Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working on trying new things

FRANKNESS WARNING- there will be some terms and discussion in today's posting that might be offensive to more DELICATE READERS. DO NOT MAKE comments that could be viewed as offensive, mean spirited or UNKIND. This blog is about living with a Teen BOY on the Autism spectrum and we are talking about EVERYTHING just like we do here in our home.

Planned spontenaity.

That is our new thing, we are planning out being spontaneous. We aren't much good at it but the horizons are broadening.

this week we have had to discuss many things with the boy from being unintentionally distructive to m_______________.....we have hit all the topics and anything in between and it has been what we call a "cultural experience" None of these topics were planned.

What I had planned was watching the royal wedding, having tea and eating scones for b-fast on Thursday around 3 AM....what I had planned was helping my Mom and being a good daughter. So much for what I had planned. Thus far none of tht has worked out.

What did work out was a teaching lesson in not backing down to the king of temper tantrums.....He asked for more of a punishment and he got it...then had a fit because he believed he was exonerated from being in trouble (??)becuase what was thought to be broken was covered by an insurance policy we bought for the item in question. What he ended up doing was getting himself in SO DEEP that he is now w/out television priveledges for 6 weeks and book rights are out for 1 1/2 weeks......
Next it came out what was going on in places that I don't need to know about but had to discuss anyway. I don't want to know WHAT your thoughts are on m_____________. I don't want to talk about it...the boy started the discussion and I had to refer to the cuter half. Number 1 I am not a guy and Number 2 I don't have the body parts required to discuss this with the boy. So the cuter half took this topic over and I am not sure what was discussed but I do know that I still don't want to know.

We had the sex talk with the boy a while ago....several years to be exact. We had signed him up for a program at the middle school. It was a waste of time...he was more messed up that before so we had to buy a book and do this ourselves and explain things. He was more embarrased that we were. We are going back to his psych and asking him to talk to the boy too, as well as us talking to the boy and counselors at school....good night maybe something will sink in.

We still are not certain that he gets it (the sex talk or the other). In fact we are pretty sure he doesn't and is really using this as an excuse to not get in trouble.....How that would fit I don't know....he is grasping at straws most of the time and maybe this will work maybe not....

I have yet to find a chapter on this in any of the autism books I have on hand...I am almost as good as a library and there isn't a whole lot out there on this subject and how to discuss it with the boy.

IT is stuff like this that gets me in the dumps. I just don't know what to think or do. Is he normal? Is it the Aspergers? How do we talk to him and make him understand? What do we do next?

When in doubt, psych it out......