Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ordering Scones

This week we have a reason to order scones. We, or more aptly, I am gonna watch the royal wedding. For fun, and have my scones, tea/coffee or whatever and just kick back and enjoy the show.

My son thinks I am nuts, and I am certain my cuter half does too. Yet they are encouraging me to get up, watch the wedding and then go onto work and enjoy the day. It is funny to me that they would encourage me to do so. Maybe it is just memories: I was sleeping on the floor of my brother's apartment when the last English royal wedding happened....woke up early, turned on the tv and watched the whole thing. My aunt and I were talking about it.....did you see this, did you see that? Great fun.

Now I don't have my auntie to talk about it, but she would have enjoyed it as much as I will.

Unfortunately, reality bites.

It intrudes and then we have to grow up and do things we don;t like to do. tonight's coming down on teachers and staff is not one of my favorite things (I know you are surprised).

At our son's recent IEPs (the last couple); we had asked about having a specific service requested for him- mistakenly we were under the distinct impression that it was rectified. We thought that it was implemented. Guess not. so, being the subtle person that I am I once again blew off the handle and asked WHY this was not done and when it would be fixed. Why is this so hard? These teachers and staff make more than $100,000.00+ a year (check the Daily Herald) and they are telling us that a five minute service impossible????
OK then it is now impossible for me to pay my taxes and my bills, where does that get me??? I can't do my job today because I have cramps? Please.

Right now I am so frustrated.
G__ Bless it where is the wine and the cheese with caviar please?