Friday, April 8, 2011

Making decisions

Lately we have been making decisions.
The boy makes them too. The other evening he decided to make a decsion to cut track practice. He went missing for about 3 hours. Normally after a brain fart like this one; we start giving him monikers, "the boy genius" or some such thing. The boy genius decided that he didn't have to go to track. The boy genius decided he didn't have to go to his doc app't either.
The boy genius got totally busted.
Wide open...his coach nailed his butt...Oh and yes the gentleman had/has my full support. Good on him...and if the boy genius does it again, I hope he lets me know so I can encourage him to nail the boy genius' butt again.
So what did my brainy offspring do? This is one of my fav things. He was allowed to download a game on his school ipad as a reward. The boy proceeded to play this game for 3 HOURS in the boy's locker room and made up an excuse so he wouldn't get busted. My son's ability to fake or make up a story is so pathetic (he isn't pathetic, but the fib/story would have so many holes you could call it swiss cheese); that he has given up fibbing and story telling because it isn't worth the trouble for him. He tried a sad excuse this time. No fibbing (pun), and well, lets just say that Mom was too much for him.....he was grounded before his butt got in the car and we made it to the last half of the doc appointment.

The thing is, OK more than one thing, I noticed that sometimes people, OK teachers get really funny/weird when I back them up rather than my kid. My kid was wrong, blew it, and made a monster mistake. The coach was totally on top of it, the counselors, the same. And my attitude was, YUP he did it and he deserves to be punished. Frankly my thought on the matter was to have him do the crab walk 2x up and down the football field, a 5 mi run and then a round of weights.....when he was done with that he was supposed to tell the coach, "Thank you sir. I'm done sir, may I have some more?" and go for round two. I guess that was too hard on the boy, but I thought he deserved it. Not sure what coach said, but I did tell him he could say whatever he wanted to and I wouldn't complain a bit.....I think I heard something about entrails, but whatever, the boy deserved it.

Now you are asking me WHAT does this have to do with making decisions?
Well, it has a lot to do with that part.
We are the choices we make and that is how people tell different religions, cat people from dog people, snake people from iguana people.....and other stuff like that. (We are cat and dog people; but we just have cats right now).

Using wisdom to help make good choices is a good thing....Proverbs is a good place to start. I am thinking there are a good number of chapers in Proverbs that might help the boy with making some wise choices. I wonder how many people refer back to Proverbs before making a decision? I think my nicer half and I should try it and have done it recently.....but I wonder if we do it as parents would we be wiser in the long run or just seen as stuffy officious know-it-alls?

I like the idea and I think we will try it and have the boy try it as well. Although the "boy genius" moniker is one I have a liking for I don't think he would appreciate it much if it became a regular thing. That and I need to find a new one now, this one is getting stale after a day or so.