Monday, September 2, 2013

The Hoarding Tendancy- Pooping and Life.

Today's topic is Hoarding. 
Have you seen that program? Seriously, those people are attached to a little piece of paper. Escribing either emotional feelings to it or remembering excactly which garbage can they found it.

Hoarding is is like taking a collection and going to the maximum level.

Good friends have heard us say that the cute one and I are hoarders to some degree. We collect things....usually something kind of unusual or cool and now we have probably more cool stuff than we need. The boy has too much stuff too. He knows it and although he was not amused with the cuter half and I we did "organize" his bedroom while he was on a visit to Grandmas. IT was in dire need of work....otherwise the room would have been condemned- Now at least we can walk in there.

Anyway, we are finding that life after HS is a real "cultural experience" I can be honest and say that I am glad the boy accepted his diploma. I will say that is it debateable that any higher functioning person is going to find help unless the family is uber wealthy and has unlimited resources. Thus far I am not impressed with what is out there.  Our recent experiences were amongst the better but prior to that we had be chastised for going on a delayed honeymoon and we had also been informed that we were not good enough parents (Ef that).

The boy is having a tough time knowing that he can request resources at higher level education; but in some scenarios there are little or no resources to be had. He is really struggling to keep the whole thing going and we are looking at making some serious changes to his medical and the herbal end of how he is doing.

The anti depressents are not working for him. I have said this for a LONG TIME- the doc and the cuter half did not concurr until we were on a family vacation and I called the doc while we were gone and explained that we had need of help with the med thing because this isn't working and the cute one and I are banging back a bottle of wine a night. With the anti-depressents the boy has been irritable and difficult to deal with on a regular basis. I don't believe this is his fault or ours. We have been increasing the pro-biotics which if you don't know what that is - think of it like a "yogurt pill" which will help clean you out and keep things regular- right now he needs about 2-3 of these little pills a day. we still need help with the funky voices and anxiety levels which the pro-biotics and other supplements will help to a varying degree.

We need to work on his diet and activity level because of the natural Aspie Lazy that the boy has it is pretty hard to get him to get off his fat arse and move. WHich means that the berating of his parents is at an all time high which means that Mom and Dad are ready for another vacation without him.....Most of this is the boy's insecurity and he needs to not eat crap food every day.

Which will now go back to the hoarding tendancy- which could also be ascribed to OCD, which means if you let the buggers get away with what appears to be cute now it won't be cute later.

I have a lot more to say on this topic but I also know that I am exhausted, tired and hungry and I would like another glass of wine with dinner so I will have to start back with this again later.

At the boy's age there is still the natural progression of kicking the baby birds out of the nest. This is completely normal and as I mentioned to the cuter half tonight we are feeling antsy like this because the boy is supposed to be moving out and he isn't ready yet. It  is OK that he isn't ready and eventually he will be ready but for right now he isn't there and the boy did recognise that he isn't at that point yet and we will all know when it is the right time to happen for him.

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