Sunday, September 15, 2013

It aches

There are a lot of aches and pains around the house today. The dampness although needed is aggravating my soreness and the barometric pressure is funking out my mellow.

The boy was being one of the pains. He finally calmed down, watched the game (Go Team) and was able to socialize, in his way.

The cuter half and I are exhausted. Which is a common thread in our lives and home. We finally decided that the boy will not be able to graduate with a BA or a BS as after the years of school he will have his certificates and maybe an Associates. We just don't think we can tutor him for another 4 to 6 years. 2 years is going to be about ALL we can handle. I am still thinking he could take online classes but the cuter half and I will not be able to help him go over stuff he doesn't get....he will have to be mature enough to go it without tutoring.

Yet another social issue has reared its ugly head. The boy doesn't understand creepy, nor does he get it when he is being socially out of bounds. We go over it and over it and he just doesn't get it....he is not willing to recognize what he needs to be like to be socially appropriate.
90% of the time it is a social thing that is just beyond his radar. He is sorry about it and will apologize. The cuter half and I have told him that he shouldn't bother with the girls that report him for "being creepy" as they are the ones that will get him in more trouble. He thinks these girls are being nice to him.
He doesn't get it.

The cute one and I argued with him about it this AM. We also argued about a hair cut... a friend did a first attempt haircut on him last night...Although a nice first attempt the boy looked like a mental patient or refugee. We had to explain that she wouldn't be mad that we had it cut professionally but it took a while for it to sink in and a couple of texts from his friend and it was better.

An early bed time and he will be back on track tomorrow.

I haven't slept, worrying about this meeting, we have had tons of the good kind of excitement today and a good time last night and really I need to sleep more than a couple of hours but that seems to be all I can manage. I think that PTSD and me are going to be good friends for a long time and I will need to do something about it eventually. It will be the only way I can handle some of his issues and still be rational, reasonable and functional.

In the mean time everything aches. All over.

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