Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Monday

It's Monday here at our house.
Monday's are not the most fun.
Monday means that Tuesday is coming and Tuesday means the boy has to go to class uber early and it is hard to keep things going.

We are trying something new....I am not crazy over it but I am noticing that the meltdowns are fewer. The screaming I expected when I took the boy's car to put gas in it didn't happen.
The fact that he is making soup tonight for practice and is reviewing his work without falling apart means that something is working correctly.

Actually though the boy was not terribly aggressive unless we expect him to do something. Correction, if we expect him to do anything....laundry, cleaning his room, washing his uniform for class, working on homework, working on school, letting me know if his car needed gas, taking out recycling....well all would engage in a pretty big hissy fit.

Not today.

I am not certain the changes are really helping.
We have only tried this new thing since last Friday. It really could be working. Seriously. Prior to this the cuter half would say, "Honey, give it a chance and see if it will work." I gave the one thing a chance- since 8th grade and you know what? IT DID NOT WORK. Our last vacation was the end of what he wanted with that "chance" I called the doc and we made some serious changes.

Right now the cuter half and the boy are reviewing. I am not hearing yelling, screaming or the usual hissy fit. I am not hearing anything. I am hiding in the home office waiting for the other shoe to drop and I am not hearing it. Methinks I may be harking too soon but then again maybe not. Maybe, maybe it will work....
Maybe it won't but maybe it will; the boy is having a fit (not  a full blown meltdown hissy screaming fit) about making his soup for class. He doesn't understand why we tell him to practice at home first....the boy thinks he is Mario Batali and doesn't need to practice

If it is working, my hope will start raising it's little head again and maybe, just maybe we can have more or better expectations than we do now.

The cuter half keeps reminding me that there are a lot of good things going on....the school work, driving, classes and life are pretty darn good and pretty darn full for the boy right is the little details (excetuive functioning, organization) that are dragging us down.
Deep down I know my cuter half is right. He always is....really it is kind of disgusting how he can be right about so much most of the time....BUT I still have these snarky little doubts that come up. Maybe it is insecurity, maybe it is exhaustion.

This is the part that most people don't see; the work the cute one and I put into the boy doing everything he does. We really work hard. We give up a lot.....we give up what we like and want to do for him. To help him to make things better for him to be there for him.

I am hoping that things go right this time....I really am.

(Although the boy has to cut a TON of onions tonight- he hates onion cutting....and he hasn't gotten it yet that if he puts his fingers in his eyes after doing so will only make it worse- a good Mom wouldn't snicker but he has to learn sometime)


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