Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 weeks in

We are 2 weeks into a new experience for us.
As I mentioned prior I am glad the boy had accepted his life changes.
I am not glad that the cuter half and I have been thrown under the bus and rolled on about a bazillion times and then tossed back out again.

Really it is no ones fault. The resources aren't there like we are used to. We do not have the connections nor do we have the time to go and hang out at the new place and build up the connections. We have stuff we want to do and places we want to go and these things are NOT boy related.

The cuter half has a theory- Hey this is a good one too- that self advocacy has to start in the younger grades. He is right. It does. Most parents are deluded and think their kid can't ask for stuff at school. Look at it this way if your kid can tell you what they want for Christmas, Birthday, or any other holiday- then they can advocate for themselves.

Yup they really can.

So if your little darling comes home and wants the One Direction lunch box, back pack and ipad cover....well then your darling can walk up to their teacher and say "I get extended time, I get my test read, and I get a copy of the notes from class." Like with making a Christmas list advocacy takes practice. As with most practices, bribery can work wonders. We aren't above bribery with the boy, we call them "deals" or "agreements" to make it sound a little more legitimate.

Now in our current life experience the note takers in his class are NOT giving him the notes. I have no idea why but I am guess the boy is being a clueless wonder and not asking for them. I realize this is only week 2 and we can't expect miracles.... although I am wondering if it is too soon to plan another trip to get us a break from the boy.

It really is getting to be a lot and I am not kidding when I say it gets worse when the kids are older. There are times when we wish we were in a different situation as if we were people might actually think we needed additional support. That is a truly wimpy way to think and I don't go there often, only when I am tired and worried.

 Being in the land of higher education is either going to turn me into a total drinker or I am going to go stark raving mad.
Or both depending on the day.....
We have  a teacher who doesn't know the spelling differences between "to", "too" and "two". Although they are teaching english I am still very concerned. Although then there is me, one glass of wine and I can't spell "hoaders" so who am I to talk about a basic grammar issue?


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